Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So the trampoline has been the best thing in the history of our family. I was very much against it b/c I didn't want the problem of moving it every time I had to cut the grass (pretty lame, I know), but it has turned out to be so much fun for the kids. Isaac likes to stand on the top of the wood thing, jump down to the trampoline, then flip while he's about 6 feet in the air and he's landed on his feet several times. It's wild. Makayla loves to get out and jump too. They'll get the sprinkler and put it under it on hot days. Our water bill was higher than ever last month, but at least they were outside!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So we have to say good-bye to the summer:(

There are many things I'm going to miss about the summer, like sleeping in, swimming, family coming to visit, and the sound of blood curdling screams coming from my kids, as they try to kill each other. I've really enjoyed this summer. I'm not sure I want it to end. Sure I'm looking forward to only having Jackson home, and catching up on cleaning, and doctors appointments (well pretty much catching up on everything) but this summer has been soooo relaxed and so enjoyable.

Both the kids got calls from their new teachers and "meet the teacher night" is on Thursday. What an exciting time as a kid, finding out who your teach is and seeing what friends will be in your class.

Tre is almost all registered for school here. -for those of you who don't know, Tre, my nephew is living with us and going to school here. It's actually been really great having him here. I thing the honeymoon is a little over and he's more used to us and more homesick, because things are getting a little less happy smilie. I love him and I feel so blessed in so many ways, that he is here and staying for awhile. I'm so thankful that by some miracle he made it on the plane and got here.

This is all so new and different to him, I hope and pray he will be open to new experiences and friends and really start to feel like this could be his home. I have to say that I have the most amazing and loving husband in the world. I thank God for him everyday in my prayers. I'm thankful he wanted tre to come and that he is so protective and supportive of me.