Thursday, June 29, 2006

We'll Leave the Light on for You

Hotel Logsdon has been busy this last week. We have had so much fun with Grammy and Poppy Logsdon visiting us. They left Wednesday and Grandma and Grandpa Schultz got here that night. We are so blessed to have Grandparents willing to make the drive to see us. Thank you so much. We love showing off our beautiful childern. They are such amazing kids and they don't get to know thier family near enough.

The kids have been in swim lessons the last two weeks. The first day was really sad. Makayla was scared to death to go and Isaac was following her lead. So, I told them the had to go but, they didn't have to do anything they didn't want to. So, they went reluctantly. Little did I know that the swim teachers had a different philosophy of teaching. Makayla cried the whole time and kept asking please, please don't put me under and they kept dunking her. So my good friend Christy was looking out for me and told the manager that I was concerned and they explained their system of teaching and invited me to swim with the class to help my kids adjust. For two days I help them, than they went on their own. I'm very proud of their hard work and improvment. Still, they're very happy to have a week break til next session.

Friday was Jeremy and my 6th anniversary WOW! We went to San Antonio over night. Grammy and Poppy watched the kids (we took the baby) It was so amazing to get away virtual alone. I haven't been back to San Antonio for 5 year. It was just as wonderful as I remember.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Jackson is officially rolling from back to tummy and tummy to back with a little effort. He's also grabbing for things and holding on. (especially to my hair) In his picture he's putting he's foot in his mouth.

About a month ago jeremy pulled this playhouse out of the trash for the kids. He found it in friendwood (about 20minutes away) He had to go to his office and get an empty truck. I'm sure it took him about 2 hours to finally get it home. What a great Dad!

Last Wednesday was Makayla's first dance class. She had such a good time and can't wait for next Wednesday. However the night before dance class, she started to complain about her stomach aching. The next morning she woke up at her normal time but than complained about her tummy and went back to bed for and hour. I made her go to the gym and than swimming but when we got home she complained about her tummy again so she took and nap (which she doesn't do anymore) She slept about and hour and than wanted to to lay down with her and hold her and she slept another hour. She didn't have a fever, diarhea, runny nose and she hadn't thrown up. About an hour before dance she got up we got her ready (she won't eat dinner) She went to dance and than she was fine. We truly believe she was so nervous, worried, and excited that she made herself sick. That is Makayla. She wants to do things and have fun but she so scared to do new things and worries so much. Hence being scared of swings, bugs, cats, dogs, and the dark. (She loves to swing now that she's older.)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Isaac

We had fun at Isaac's Birthday party. It was at a kiddie pool. The pictures are of Isaac and his little friend Abby, opening gifts, batting (Dad has him put on his mean face to hit the ball) and a picture of Makayla and Audrey. We were outside for about 31/2 hours. I put sunblock on the kids three or four times and on myself 2 or 3 times. I still feel burnt and Isaac looks red. I kept the baby in the shade as much as possible and kept his hat on. I was pretty worried about having him out for that long. He did well though.

Jeremy and I got to go on two dates this weekend. Kendall watched the kids friday and we went to Applebees and Saturday night we got a babysitter and went out with Jeremy's salesmen to Zios. So friday was free babysitter and Saturday was free dinner. It's always nice to spend time with Jeremy. It doesn't happen near enough but this weekend was a real treat, for us all.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


We went to an Astros game on Monday night. We played the Cubs. They absolutely creamed us. Their pitcher almost pitched a no hitter. I think we had one hit in the 8th inning. So not much action. It made for a short game, which allowed us to stay the whole game even with kids. Kendall went with us. It was great to have her there to help us.

Yesterday (Tues) it was in the 90's so I took the kids swimming with some friends. We had to drive to three different pools before we found one that would let us in. They were all filled to capacity. The kids were so upset everytime we had to leave without swimming. We eventually found a pool and the kids had a great time. The pool we got into is the same one they'll have lessons at in a few weeks.

Jackson have four shots yesterday. He wieghs 11lbs. 15oz. under the 5%. He's 24.3 inches long 25% and under the 5% for his head. My doctor called the nureosurgeon and Cranial facial specialist when I told him we did not understand why they were wanting to wait so long. That was really great of him. He's really been on the ball and proactive for us. So I got a call yesterday from the nureosurgeons nurse. We need to set up an appointment with an optimologist and a prostectic specialist. The optimologist will check his eye sight before and after surgery. The prostectic specialist will measure his head for a helmet. We didn't know that he'd have to wear a helmet after surgery, but they told us yesterday that he would. We also have to set up for two adults with the baby's blood type to donate blood for the surgery. They'd like to do the surgery early November, but they have to schedule it with both doctors and the facilities. Then they'll get back to me and set up a pre-op visit the Tuesday before his surgery. So basiclly in one phone call we learned more than both visits to the doctors. I feel pretty good about everything now.

While Jackson was getting his shots, the nurse asked me to hold Jacksons hands while she held the feet. With out hesitation Isaac ran over and grabbed Jackson's hand. It was so sweet. But as soon as they gave him his first shot, Isaac covered his mouth in astonishment and back pedaled away from the baby. Within seconds Isaac, Makayla, and Jackson were all crying. I didn't know who to comfort first. It was sad but we got through it.

Melissa Webster (My sister-in-law went into labor last night) 6 weeks early. Her water broke before 9 pm and now at 11:55 am she still hasn't had the baby. I hope she's doing ok. We're so excited for her. They're naming the baby Evan.