Tuesday, September 01, 2015

We are Back in Houston

Well we've been back for over a year now.  It's been a long time since I blogged.  I remember thinking blogging was very therapeutic and good for journaling the happenings of our family.  Who couldn't use a little therapy:)

We moved to Friendswood, Texas back in July 2014.  They kids have really enjoyed being here and have made a lot of good friends.  Jeremy loves being back at work.  He has had a rough year trying to get things the way he wants them in his business.  It's been a lot of work.  He is also now a 50/50 owner in his business instead of 33.3% which is really exciting.

It's been a little different experience for me (not having school or work as a way to socialize)  It's been a little lonely trying to adjust to a new area and home.  But I can say after a year it's starting to feel a little better.  Whether it's been time that has helped, I'm not sure.

I think my new calling at church has been a huge help.  It's been a stressful transition into a new assignment but also has given my something to work on and given me a way to socialize in a new circle of friends.  So even though it's a lot of work and stress, it's ultimately been good for me to push myself and meet new people.

School has been back in for a week now and that means Porter and I are home all day together.  I'm still working on finding a good schedule for the both of us.  I need to find a balance between getting things done, having fun, exercise, and spiritual growth.  I hope I can figure it out, but I think balance is a life time struggle.