Sunday, September 16, 2012

soccer season is under way

Sad new: Jackson's hockey has been cancelled due to not enough players signing up:( and I'm going to hold off on signing Makayla up for anything.  So for right now I only have to juggle Isaac's soccer, scouts, Makayla's activity days, and makayla and Isaac's piano (don't forget 3 kids with homework every night).  Which I think will be enough with a baby coming soon.

Birthday girl

fun straw glasses from aunt amo

getting ready to open gifts

Makayla's birthday was a few weeks ago.  I'm finally sharing a few photos.  She got some fun gifts thanks grandma, grandpa, grammy, poppy, and amy, she love them all.


View from family to front door

view from inside office to entry way

view from french doors into office

Saturday, September 01, 2012

I'm sooooo out of my mind excited!

This is a picture from my kitchen into the formal dining room, soon to be HUGE  pantry/sewing room:)

This is a picture from the family room into the entry way/ formal living room, soon to be Jeremy's office:)

Yay, I'm getting my BIG pantry/sewing room and Jeremy's getting his much needed office.  So the two useless formal room will now becoming very functional and used daily:)  My husband wasn't sure about the pantry off the kitchen.  I'm so glad he let me convince him that I needed it.  What a great guy.

Jeremy and Jonathan Staiger worked from sun up to sun down and will work on it again on labor day (ironically)