Monday, June 30, 2008

I was running and I couldn't stop

Last night, about 15 minutes after getting home from church, Isaac was chasing the baby, who was running with Isaac's balloon. Then he said "I was running and I couldn't stop, I want to pop that balloon!"

So, I called Jeremy and he met me at an urgant care facility, where Isaac was so brave and got a lot of stitches. Jeremy said it was so bad they had to stitch up the inner layer of skin and then the outer. The doctor said he'd have a pretty huge scar. This one is so much bigger than all of his others combined. No swimming for a week which is a total bummer. He has swim lessons all week and we go swimming everyday. So this week I'll have to get creative.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Batting Cages!!!

One of the businesses that I service is a batting cage in a warehouse in Prosper, TX. In one of the nets to hit in, you can rent a pitching machine that you feed the balls in individually and can put it at whatever speed you want. They give you 2 buckets of baseballs and you rent it for 1/2 hour. I told Isaac that I'd take him about a month ago and he has asked me almost everyday since then. Friday was the day. The night before he asked me, "Dad, will you PLEASE take me to the batting cages tomorrow?" I told him that I'd try my best to get home early so we could go. He told me to make sure I went to work early so I could get home early. I came home early and the whole family went. It was a blast. I was so proud of Isaac and Makayla. I set the machine for 25 mph and started feeding the baseballs in and he just started hitting. He's got such a good eye for the ball. The guy that owns it was doing a private hitting lesson in the net next to us and during his lesson, he was telling Isaac how good of a hitter he was. Every time after that that Isaac would get a hit, he would look over to the "coach" and see if he was watching. It was great. The "coach" even came over and showed Isaac how to hold his bat and gave him some more hitting tips. He loved it.
Makayla then got in there and after a bit of practice, started hitting the balls too. She's left handed, so it's neat watching her hit. It was all we could do to keep Jackson out of the cage. If we would've let him, he'd have got right in there and tried hitting off the machine too. I brought him in and pitched some to him too. He had his helmet on and a wrist band that I put on him at the house. Chauntel put a baseball shirt on him before we left, so he was all ready.
Last but not least, coach also noticed the blonde hottie in the cage smacking the baseballs before we left. Chauntel was killin' it in the cages. "Coach" said, "Man, that girl can hit!" after she ripped a few fastballs. I said that she was a good kisser too.
All in all it was a fun Logsdon outing topped off with a popsicle on the way home.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


When we went home to Washington, Makayla saw a doctor there who said she needs to practice deep breathing (for stress relief) and strecthing. So we bought her a yoga mat, outfit, and DVD. We've only done it three times but she does good and complains a lot less than when I was making her do deep breathing and strecthing in her bedroom before bed (she hated that) She seems to really enjoy it. I told her if she does really good, and consistantly, I'd get her a pink yoga mat.

New Piano

We gave our old piano away on craig's list. I thought it would be a great day, but I was so sad to see it go. I thought it was so beautiful. With that said, now that we have a new one I'm O.K. I'm so in love with our new (used) piano. I think it's so beautiful. It seems so much smaller than our last one. Now I have to figure out how we're going to decorate and furnish our front rooms:) It's such a slow process for me.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Isaac's Letter

A few Sundays ago, we were sitting at the table for dinner when Kayla mentioned that Isaac had pulled Br. Moore's hair during Primary. Br. and Sister Moore are his teachers and they really do a good job. We asked Isaac if he did this and he said, "yes, because I didn't want to be in Primary." Of course Chauntel and I were upset, a bit emabarressed, and really wanting to figure out how to "fix" the situation. I told Isaac that after dinner, he was going to have to write Br. Moore a letter letting him know how sorry he was and that we were going to take it to Br. Moore when he was finished.
So after dinner, Isaac wrote that he was sorry he pulled his hair and that he wouldn't do it again. There were some letters he needed some help with, but he did pretty good for the most part. We folded his letter, put it in an envelope, and I drove him to Br. Moore's house. On our way there, I explained to him how what he did was really unacceptable and then we rehearsed what Isaac was going to say at the door when Br. Moore came to it. I was practicing this with him because He was going to do it all by himself.
When we got to the house, we go out of the van and I waited at the driveway while he made the long walk to the front door. I gave him a stern, "Now go and ring the doorbell and I want to be able to hear you say what we practiced in van from here." As he walked to the door by himself, the neighbor's dog next door in the backyard barked really loud and that sent Isaac running back toward me thinking it was the end for him. I told him really quick that it was the neighbor's dog and that he needed to turn back around and get to the door. He asked me if the Moore's had a dog and I told him that I didn't know but that he needed to "be a man" and get to the door.
Isaac makes his way back to the door and reaches up and rings the doorbell. The image of my oldest son at that moment will forever be burned in my mind. Scared and nervous, slightly rocking side to side, seeing the back of his little buzzed head body holding that envelope with his letter in it (that he wrote)maybe rehearsing what we practiced in the van in his head; I couldn't have been prouder of him. He was scared to death, but he was doing it. I almost started to cry for him. Everything in me wanted to run up there with him and pick him up and help him, but knew that he needed to do this on his own.
The door opens and it was their youngest son, Hunter, that opened the door. Isaac's first question was "do you have a dog?" Luckily they didn't, then Isaac just kind of stood there and from the end of the sidewalk I prompted Isaac to ask for Br. Moore. He did, and the whole family came to the door. Isaac gave Br. Moore the letter, mumbled something to him that was somewhat what we had gone over in the van, and Br. Moore got on one knee and gave Isaac and hug and said that it was OK and that he hoped they were still buds. I guess the "moment" was a bit overload to my boy; with a quirky smile on his face, he just bolted from the door back to the van. I just waived to them and got in the van with him. Still in the driveway, I gave Isaac a big high five and praised him for taking responsibility and "manning up". I've never been prouder of him. I know he was scared to death to make that march up to the door, but he did it.

Monday, June 16, 2008

isaac's birthday party!

We had sooo much fun at Isaac's birthday party on Saturday. We had pizza and snow cones. Then we had a water balloon battle, silly string battle, and a rocket balloon show:) I have so much fun, throwing parties. Everything was Ben Ten. (the cake, pinatas, and all the kids got an alien name)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


YYYAAAHHHH!!! I've been waiting to put our family picture above the fireplace since we first moved in (over a year ago) I'm so excited to finally have one up.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Kinder Graduation

Summer, Summer Summer time!!!!!!!

Yesterday was Makayla's graduation and today is her last day. I was a little nervous for summer, but now I'm so excited. I only have three months with Isaac before he leaves me for school everyday. I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun this summer.

By the way she lost her other front tooth. She pulled it out at school and so she is now part of the lost tooth club at school:) She looks so much better with that crazy tooth gone.

Family Room

So, we paid someone to paint the family room and the entryway/staircase. The ceilings were too high for us to paint. I love the color in this room too. I'm so happy it turned out so well. I really get scared picking colors; that's why it took me so long. But I love the way it turned out. It makes the white wood-work pop a little. We still need to put our family picture in the frame obviously. And the frame is a little crooked.

Thank you Natallie for the vinyl. We put it under our big frame. I think it will look really good.

Next on the list for this room and the kitchen and entry way are new floors. I think we might do something like slate in the kitchen and entry way. Then we'll refinish the family room floors. If we get really crazy, we're going to replace the stair railing with wrought iron. Our house will look so different when we're done with it. I might never want to move:)

Oh, I almost forgot the most exciting part, we removed the weird railing that was on our family room window sills. Yah!!!!!! It looks sooooo much better.

Front Rooms

We've finally started painting and decorating the front rooms. I bought curtains and painted. When I get the go ahead from Jeremy, I'll buy a couch for the living room and a desk for the dining room (den). We're probably going to get rid of our piano and get a new one. All in time. A little at a time. I absolutly love the paint color in this room. I'm tempted to paint the kitchen this color too. Jeremy thinks that would be a little much. We'll see.

Funny thing, everyone that sees our front room asks if we added crown molding, and wood trim. It's always been there but now you can really see it.