Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This is a cute picture of my older sister Rochelle with two of her three kids.
My sister was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer about three months ago and has been doing chemo. She is now cancer free with two more rounds of chemo. So she'll be done in mid February. Without having to have a mastectomy. Yeah!!!! I think so many people have been praying for her and because of every one's faith that prayers are heard and that miracles happen everyday. I'm so happy for her and her family. This Christmas will be one to remember. I can't wait to get home and see everyone. Let the count down begin. 6 days!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Jeremy was easier to tag than myself (I'm still working on that one)

I've been tagged to say 5 things you should know about my husband.

1. He's a very hard worker. When something needs to be done he can figure it out and get the job done. With only a little nagging:) Which includes house work. He's a real man and does more than his fair share of dishes, laundry, and floors. I love him for it. His hard work is evident in his two businesses.

2. He also knows how to relax and have a good time. He is funny, entertaining, and people always feel comfortable around him. Unless they're blowing it then he can be pretty hard to be around. He tells it like it is and usually says what's on his mind. (He's not afraid of confrontation, which I'm scared to death of, so I'm always total stressed out when he's telling people they're blowing it ex) waitresses, pizza places, etc.

3. He is a great friend to have. Everyone he knows is his best friend and he'll keep in touch with them for the rest of their lives. There's no hiding from him. He'll call old bishops, parents, and mission comps, etc. and hunt people down. He's always calling, writing, emailing, or getting together with old friends. I'm so very bad at that so it's definitely a talent that I admire in him.

4. He's very good at getting what he wants and almost aways does get what he wants. It's a little annoying when it's not what I want, but it's also an amazing talent he has. We watched "The Secret" and decided that Jeremy has been living the secret his whole life. He just acquired four new pump rigs for his business for free. Positive thinking! This is also something I'm trying to learn from him.

5. I believe it is a talent to have many loves or passions and Jeremy has many passions: sports, red juice, taco soup, banana bread, the guitar, his motorcycle, steaks, the scriptures, church, discovery channel, history, CNN, The Week, friends, the kids, and ME.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

One Hott Momma

The other day I was upstairs with the kids in the Game Room when Kayla had her Barbies out playing with them. She had a new one that she was playing with and Jackson was up with us also. While Kayla was playing with it, Jackson pointed at Barbie and said, "Mom". It was then and there that I had realized that truely all of my dreams had come true. I actually had married Barbie.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Caroling Surprise!!

Last night Jeremy was out of town. So I was doing the bath and bedtime routine by myself. I had gotten Jackson out of the bath and into diaper. Then I got Isaac out and wrapped him in a towel. I wanted to get Makayla started on her bath and then I would get Isaac dressed while she finished up by herself.

While I was getting her started, Isaac came into the bathroom to inform me that people were at our door. So I wrapped Isaac back up in his towel and went to get the door. When I realize the door was already slightly ajar. So I opened the door to find our stake president's family and friends laughing on my porch.

It occurred to me that Isaac had answered the door naked and they confirmed that assumption. They then sang a beautiful carol for our naked family (Isaac in a towel flashing them every so often, Makayla in a towel, and Jackson in his diaper) I was red with embarrassment and they say their song with a little chuckle here and there. I heard them laughing all the way to the car after I shut the door.

I hope every caroler doesn't get such a warm greeting from us this season.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Post Card Project

Makayla has a post card project at school. Their class is trying to get 100 post cards by the 100th day of school. Makayla doesn't have any yet because I've completely forgot to ask anyone. I would be really great if some family would send one to he. I was going to put the address but it's probably better to have you all call and get it from me, rather than posting an address on the blog. So if you'd like to send a post card call me for the school's address, email me, or mail it to our home. I love you all and can't wait to go home for Christmas. We are also having grammy visit for a few days before we leave. I can't believe how great this Christmas is going to be. Tuesday were having family pictures taken. Hopeful theses will turn out better than the last two time, right.

Friday, November 30, 2007

I think I forgot to post that Jackson doctor (GI) doesn't think he's allergic to anything including Milk (according to his biopsy). Which would be great since he's been eating soy and rice milk, yogurt, and cheese. It doesn't explain why he pukes every time I give him cow's milk. So I'm supposed to try milk again. I'll let you all know how it goes. I'm a little scared.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I wasn't going to blog, but my mom convinced me that people love to hear my problems:) I feel like everyone might think I'm dwelling on the negative too much or make things sound like too big of a deal.
The kids all have a viral form of Bronchitis. They're having to do breathing treatments every 6 hours and Isaac has an ear infection also. Because Jackson just had surgery, they sent me to go get an X-ray of his lungs to make sure he didn't have pneumonia. Which thank goodness he doesn't. While we were doing the X-ray, they did a bone age scan of Jackson's hands. I've never heard of it before. It can tell you if your child is genetically small, or just small for his age and will just be short; or if there is something wrong and he's not growing like he should. (either because of growth hormone deficiency or malnutrition) Jackson's bones are 11 months old and they should be 21 months (he weighs 20 pounds and wears 12 month clothes which for some families is normal but not for ours). From what the doctor told me that's pretty severe. I made an appointment with a specialist for that and one for an immune specialist. Both are booked till the end of January and beginning of February. So it will be awhile before we really know whats going on. Hopefully before that, we'll be able to get him to eat more and gain weight. Maybe that will help. I don't know anything about bone age so I don't know if I should be worried or not. I'm just trying to get through having the kids home from school another whole week:) In someways its been really great to have them home since we didn't get to enjoy Thanksgiving week. They are sick though so we haven't been out except for the doctors appointment.
For those who would like to visit http://www.jacksonsmellon.blogspot.com/ I'm putting a lot of pictures from the hospital on that blog sometime today.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

We're Home!

O.K. so everyone already knows we're home from the hospital, but I just had to share how very happy I am to be here. All the way home from the hospital I was so excited to get home. It was quit a different experience being at the hospital with out Jeremy this time. I don't know if I could have handled another night there. I think having my home teacher come up and hold the baby so I could call family and get something to eat saved me (and having a great book to read)(i think i lost 5 pounds while I was there, it's amazing how not eating does that) I think Jeremy told everyone that the baby wouldn't let me put him down for the first 24 hours. It was a little hard to go to the bathroom and get sleep that first day.

Now that we're home, I think my body and mind have check out for a while to deal with the stress of the last few weeks. I'm ready to go back to normal but my mind and body are still checked out (I can see it all over our cluttered house) It doesn't help that all the kids are sick, and it's freezing and raining outside. The baby started coughing the day before surgery and now has a temperature again. I'm going to see his doctor Monday or Wednesday.

In light of Thanksgiving and my gratitude post a few weeks ago, I'm going to share some of the things I'm grateful for.

I'm grateful for the experiences that the Lord gives me to see what I'm made of. A lot of those experiences tell on me and what I truly have a testimony of. I hope that makes sense. I think a lot of times we say we have a testimony or faith in certain principles, but until that principle has be tried we can't truly know for ourselves.

I'm grateful for a loving, helpful, faithful, passionate husband. I only knew my husband for 6 months before we got married. The Lord truly blessed me with a good one. I've heard too many sad story to not know how truly blessed I am to have Jeremy in my life.

I'm grateful for happy, beautiful, smart, healthy kids (and by healthy I mean it could always be worse than it is. I see a lot of different situations in my visits to the doctors and children's hospitals)

I'm grateful for family. I think one of the blessing that has come from all the many health problems on both sides of the family has been, more communication and connecting. Jeremy and I both come from amazing families. I couldn't have asked for better families.

I'm learning more and more about what it means to be grateful for trails. My sister is a great example of that. She blew my mind and my whole argument when she said she's grateful for the trials she's going through right now. She was the one reason I couldn't understand gratitude for trials in the first place. It's easier when you're the one going through the trail than when loved ones are going through them (in my experience anyways). Don't get me wrong I've always been able to see blessing all around me in the mist of hard times. Life is to wonderful to let one bad experience or trial sour your whole outlook on life. I can even see blessing that come from all trials, but I can't be grateful that Rochelle has breast cancer or for Jackson being born with coronal synostosis. But I guess those aren't my trials to begin with so I don't have to be grateful for them. I however still have side effect or my own effect that come from their experiences that I need to find gratitude in. I hope my feels make a little sense. I'm not as grand as Jeremy and expressing myself in writing.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Isaac AKA The Ice Man Logsdon

Isaac's striking resemblence to Chuck "The Ice Man" Liddel is probably no coincidence. Chuck Liddel has a mohawk also. He's a fighter in the UFC. If Isaac's future in candy taste-testing doesn't work out, then off to the UFC it'll be. He walks around in his underwear everyday, all day. He'll announce as he's coming down the stairs or if you ask him why he's not dressed, he'll tell you he's a boxer right now. He's had so much fun with his mohawk this week. Again, I don't know if he knows we're going to have to cut it for school on Monday. I think he's going to be upset. He's been asking me to get one "so we can be twins". He's always wanting to be twins with me. It's great.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

While Mom Is Gone

There's an update on Jackson's blog (link on the right) of his surgery today.

Isaac's been asking for a mohawk for a while now, so while we were waiting on news about Jackson, we did it. It's a little off-centered, but he kept wanting to see it in the mirror and moving his head. He loves it. When school starts next week, I don't know if he'll let us shave it off.
Kayla wanted to post a picture of her birthday party. She had a Hanna Montana party.

Off to the Hospital

I just sent Chauntel and Jackson off to the hospital this morning. I'm not able to go due to a virus that I have come down with the last few days. I haven't been able to even get out of bed since Sat. night. The doctor told me yesterday to stay away from the baby and pretty much told me to not even go to the hospital to see him. I can't believe the timing of all of this. Chauntel has pretty much been a single mom for the last few days, and will stay with Jackson until he comes home. I wish so much that I could be there for him also. When he had his last surgery, we were both there - for Jackson and for each other. I was telling Chauntel again today how I felt like I was almost letting Jackson down but then said that I guess it's a blessing that I can be here for Makayla and Isaac during this also. After I said that, it really hit me how true that was. I'm feeling a lot better today, but it's relative to how I was the last few days.

As I was in bed yesterday really hating life at the moment, Isaac brought me a cup of milk that he got all by himself for me. I was asleep when he brought it, but when I woke up, he asked if the milk made me feel better. I told him that it did, so he smiles really big and runs out of the room. He comes back a minute later with his stuffed rhino that he sleeps with every night for me to lay down with. It broke my heart how much he was wanting to help me. He then came back with a stuffed frog and his favorite books, followed by his pirate ship filled with toys to play with and then a plate of his favorite rice that he got out of the fridge - he even put it on my favorite KY Wildcat plate. I told him again and again how much he was helping me feel better. Chauntel was gone all day yesterday with Jackson's pre-op appointments and so while I was in bed, Kayla and Isaac pretty much did as they pleased all day. I was so impressed with how good they were all day. They checked on me every 20 minutes or so, would get me water when I needed, and Makayla even came in to tell me that they had turned off the TV to do other things.

I think that from now on, the updates will be on Jackson's other blog that we thought he was finished with already. The link to his blog from his previous surgery is on this blog. www.jacksonsmellon.blogspot.com He goes into surgery at 7:30 this morning. Chauntel and him left at 5:15 to get there for his pre-surgery stuff. We thank everyone for their concern and support and will keep ya'll posted on his stay at the hospital.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

On for Tuesday

Sorry I didn't post sooner. Jackson's surgeon thought it was fine to wait til Tuesday, for surgery. So tomorrow he has pre-op and Tuesday's the day.

We're all sick today, but poor Jeremy is so sick.(actually the kids aren't anymore or they're at the tails end of being sick) I hope Jeremy feels better by Tuesday. He's eating lots of chicken soup and oranges trying to feel better.

We stayed home from church today because we were sick, but Jackson and I were going to anyways to keep him health:) I dislike staying home from church so much. It is hard getting ready for church alone for 8:30 church, and sitting through sacrament alone is hard, but staying home on Sundays is so much harder than going. I don't know what it is, but keeping the kids entertained and the house clean all day is absolutely impossible. So at the end of the day the kids are so cranky and the house is a mess, both of which make mom cranky and very tired (so off to bed I go @ 8:15:) I love ya all.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Little New News

Jackson went for his check-up yesterday, to get cleared for surgery. His pediatrician wanted to do some blood work (just in case) She's afraid he has immune problems or growth hormone problems, etc etc. So on Monday we'll get results from that, results from his gut biopsy, and his head gunk culture. That should be an interesting day. He ped. said that his white blood count is elevated (Rochelle you might understand what that means) His head is still swelling more, and he still has a fever. She was wanting us to go back to the E.R. last night. But after talking to Jeremy then the craniofacial surgeon (that's doing his surgery) They decided that we should go to see him today (Saturday) at 10:30. Then the surgeon will decided what to do. So we could go into surgery today.

We cut the babies hair last night to see his head better and so the doctor could see it better. he woke up today with his left eye also most swollen shut. I wish I could get our new camera to download picture so you all could see how horrible my little man looks:)

I think I'm pulling for surgery today. I feel the sooner the better. I love you all.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What a Joy Jackson is

Monday night we were sitting at the table trying to figure out how I could go to Houston with Jeremy and Jackson. Jackson had an appointment with his original surgeon, and I really wanted to be there. Up until then, we had been switching turns taking him and then having to relay messages. That is so hard to do. Unless of course you speak doctornees. So at 6:oo we decided to all go. And by 7:00pm we were all off to our great wonderful friends the Carter's home. Without them I wouldn't have been able to go. They even watched Makayla and Isaac while we went to the appointment. (Thank You)
I'm glad I went. We feel a lot better about the choice to have the doctors here in Dallas open him up again. He will be having surgery on Tuesday, November 20th. We tried so hard to still be able to go to KY for Thanksgiving. We are so very sad we won't be there. Everyone was going to be home this time, which I don't think has happened since Makayla was 6 months old. Since then, there are 6 more grand kids and one new spouse. It really would have been amazing.
Jackson has an infection. The lumps on his head (which are so big) are full of gunk. The one on top of his head got a red lump on it that popped the other day. I can't believe how much gunk came out. However much your imagining, triple that and you might have it right. It was so thick and yellow-green. I showed Isaac and told him Jackson had snot coming out of his head.
It's really crazy. All the doctors, three pediatricians, one nurse practitioner, two neurosurgeons, two craniofacial surgeons, and a handful of interns that we saw have never seen or heard of this happening, especially this far out from the surgery and this severely.
On Tuesday, they will open him up along the same cut (ear to ear) and flush his skull, scrub it and clean it really good, treat the infection and make sure everything else is O.K. That's it. I'm so glad they don't have to take his skull off again (we all thought they might have to at first) He'll be in intensive care one night and then maybe go home the next day. They said one maybe two nights. I hope only one. It's so hard being away from the other kids.
Oh yeah, Jackson also had an endoscope done on Monday. His G.I. said he doesn't have reflux and they are checking to see if he's allergic to gluten. I really hope he isn't. He also said he may have a eating disorder. Not like anorexia but towards textures. Which could be why he won't eat and why he gags and chokes on his food. Whatever that means I really don't know.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Jeremy is such a Super Dad. He took Jackson and Isaac (who were both tired from last night's adventures) to Jackson's 8:30 Dr. appointment. He had to leave at 7 to get there on time. At the appointment, the Doctor was upset that I hadn't gotten an endoscope done alot sooner and so they scheduled one for Monday. Then while he was there, Jackson's Pediatric Dr. called to see how our ER visit went. She got very upset that the ER didn't do more and let us go home. So she called Jeremy back with an appointment to the Crainofacial specialist at 11:30 at the same hospital they were at.
I had a Dr appointment, so after my appointment I headed straight over there. By the time I got there they were in the waiting room bundling up to leave:(
The Crainofacial Surgeon wants another CT scan done. The one they did at the ER wasn't good enough (I could have told them that, he was screaming and moving around the whole time, because they didn't want to put him under, probably because it would have been more work for them) He than said that it looks like a CSF leak. There could be a slight chance it's just irritation from the plates and screws. That's why they need the CT scan. If it is a leak, they're ready to operate ASAP. The big bummer is that none of the crainiofacial Surgeons in all of Dallas area are in our insurance network:( They seem to think that even if we tried to have the surgery done in Houston, because we've moved, it would be out of network also. So his Dumas (or skin of his brain) was probably punctured during surgery and fluid has been leaking since. Which makes sense why the helmet Dr. was so stumped, but it doesn't make sense why the surgeon didn't catch it at 6 months after surgery. Especially since he had fluid (which we thought was bone) coming out the top of his helmet.
We'll keep you posted. We're trying now to get someone to call us back to schedule a GOOD CT scan (GOOD idea) I should ask for a refund for last night!
I love you all


We had so much fun on Halloween. (I left my camera at a friend so I'm waiting to develop the film from Halloween:( Makayla was Hanna Montana, Isaac was a green power ranger, and Jackson was superman. Jeremy had a halloween shirt on that said "I am the treat" and I was Hanna's bff Lola. I think Halloween is my most favorite time of the year. I just loved handing out candy (I maybe crazy, but that was my favorite part) I love opening the door and handing out candy. It was perfect weather here and the kids looked so cute. I had such a hard time doing this, but I threw away about 2/3 of the candy we had and have personal eaten about 1/8 of it myself already. I'll probably have to throw away the rest of it. I bought really great candy this year. It's almost unbarable to throw away almond joys and reese's PB cups. I almost cried. (Dr. Oz gives me the courage J/K)


Just a quick update. I took Jackson to his Ped. doctor and she and all the other docotors had never seen anything like Jackson's head. They had three guesses, of what could be wrong. All guesses sounded aweful. So they sent me to the E.R. We weren't able to get there until around 7 pm because of school letting out and finding someone to watch the kids. They did a CT scan and weren't able to find anything wrong. So they sent us home:( They told us to just to take our CT film with us to Houston next week. I'm a little bummed that they don't know what to think. So now I guess we wait. Jeremy is at Jackson GI appointment right now so hopeful that appointment is more fruitful.

PS you can't really tell by the pictures how bad his head looks. but it's pretty yucky. If you look on his temple you can see a little swelling. That was taken a few days ago. It's gotten a little bigger since than.

Monday, November 05, 2007


What an amazing head Jackson has. It's been through so much. As you see from the pictures, the doctors did such a great job on his head. (jury is still out on the helmet doctor)
We've been so worried about his health lately that I didn't notice that something was wrong with his head. I thought everything was over and done with. Jeremy and I had been noticing more and more lumps on his head. But we just thought we were noticing things that had been there all along, but were just now noticing. Until last week. His head is swelling on top, fore head, and his left temple. The top of his head is red now and with all of his long hair it was hard to see. Which was the point of his long hair to start with. The hard part is that his doctor is in Houston and when you call you have to leave messages. He has a GI appointment that I've been waiting for 6 week to go to. The kids have school and Jeremy has work. Of course we can work around all of that. It just means asking friends for help. I'm so worried, I hope the Doctor calls us back tomorrow and can get us in Wednesday. (Jackson has had a low grade fever for 3 or 4 weeks, but he's cutting two teeth, so who knows what to think with his diarhea, fever, swelling, and crankiness)
I hope everyone knows that my worries and heartaches are not the for lack of gratitude for what the Lord has given me or lack of faith that the Lord is all knowing and loves me and all of you.
Our lesson on Sunday was on Gratitude. I pose a question for all that read this blog. Is there a difference in having gratitude in our trials and gratitude for our trials? and is it required of us to have both? I will be waiting for all your posts. I will have to admit, I have a very hard time understanding gratitude for trials. My answer to my own question will have to wait till I've done more studying and pondering.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Always a Party

Our goal each evening is to survive until about 7:15. This is the time each night when the event known as "getting ready for bed" takes place. It truely is an event. It's a clash of agendas. Ours vs. theirs. A clash of the titans. Us vs. them. Although very small, the kids collectively can wield quite a bit of influence as to the tone of the event. They remind me of fire ants. You see them, but don't pay much attention to them by themselves. In numbers, however, they can strike fear into you, no matter how big you are, and can inflict discomfort - even pain - seemingly with no warning.

Some nights are better than others, and even some nights bring with them some of the best "moments". After teeth brushing, potty, jammies, scriptures, 1 book and prayer, Chauntel usually puts Kayla down and Isaac and I head to the room together. Jackson is a toss up. We take turns with him, and we both have our own way of doing it. He just goes with the flow and understands that Dad does it this way, and Mom does it that way. Mom tells me how well Kayla is reading to her at night and I get to share stories like this to her about Isaac and mine's conversations:

Isaac has been wanting a cat for a while now. He says that, "when they meow, they just make me so happy". He asked me again for a cat the other night and I explained to him that cats make daddy sick because I'm allergic to them. He asked, "You don't want me to have a cat, Dad?". I told him again that I just can't be around them because they make me sneeze. He then said, " Well, maybe you can go where there are no Dads." I just told him that I'd look into finding that place and he covered up and went right to bed.

Once the kids are down, it's party time. There's usually a different party almost every night. There's the 24 party (on DVD), the I'll do dishes you do the floors party, and one of my favorites: our folding parties. I can usually tell when one of these are sneaking up on me because there's just no socks or underwear in the drawer one day. As I walk by the laundry room on my way out, that quick glance I give reconfirms the party planned for that night: about a 4 basket laundry folding party. YEAH BABY!!!

The other night we had a combined party: the Heroes (1st season on DVD) and folding party. We try to spice it up however we can. I've tried the topless folding party but with me being the only participant, it really wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be.

It's always a bonus when you get the over-flowing basket to start with and fold, and then realize that there are 2 big towels in the mix. YEAH! Done in no time! You then announce to the other spouse how lucky you are. That this was the towel basket.

It's also great when you start digging into the baskets how you can almost "hear" the clothes. Certain shirts or outfits bring an instant smile to you; thinking of Isaac wearing this shirt and how he said that he has to wear this one because he is a hoop star, and hoop stars wear this shirt. Or Makayla's running shorts that she likes to jog in around the block with Mom sometimes in the evening. I think of her coming back through the door with her red cheeks. Sometimes I get lucky and spend a little extra time in thought when I get to fold one of Momma's "pretty" items of clothing. Those are good memories.

The other night though, it was a little sock that made me stop for a while. It was one of Jackson's and as I picked it up, I immediately heard him running his lap through the living room, family room, and kitchen as he likes to do in the amazing time of about 20 seconds. I could hear his mumbling voice trying to tell me about something that was important to him as he made the final turn from the kitchen back into the living room, but what he was trying to say I'll never really know about. It's funny how important it was to get them down for bed so quickly can turn to missing them and when you hear a noise, running up to their aid to see if perhaps you can spend another moment with them before the night is gone.

This is more of a journal entry probably, but I don't have mine handy right now.

So as for the Logsdon's home, if it's past 8:15 and we don't aswer the phone, it's probably because of the party that's going on.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Some Logsdon Clips

We'll put more videos up now that we know how to. And just for Uncle Mike, there'll surely be more of that great geetar music. Just for you little bro.

The clip of Isaac rockin' out is great. I walked in the door one day and he said, Dad, Dad! watch! and he just did his thing.

Since Chauntel and I refuse to buy furniture for our front room that we'll never use, it has turned into a football/soccer/gymnastics/guess where game (mom and dad - after hours) room.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm Jeremy's groupie

here is a video of jeremy playing around on the guitar. i hope it's a good video clip. we didn't watch it before, to screen it for public viewing. we're trying to figure out the whole video clips for our blog thing.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Broken Camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The kids playing in their fort in the living room

O.K. so our brand new camera (used off of eBay) is broken. Not our fault this time. Except for buying it used in the first place. I sent it back to the guy and he's going to fix it or replace it. We'll see.

We did buy a new video camera. We haven't had a video camera for like three or more years. We left it on an air plane somewhere between Houston and who knows where. No one turned it in of course. They scored a bunch of Logsdon home videos. I hope they enjoy those:)

We are a new and improved (try to eat extra extra healthy) family. If anyone has any great healthy healthy dinner ideas, let me know. Oh and ideas on getting kids to eat healthy would be nice. Our kids have gone to bed starving for a week now. Poor kids, we have a video clip of them scream hysterically at the dinner table. I'm thinking of buy Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. Maybe if I sneak it they'll eat it (as long as it's in chicken nugget form:)

I think Makayla's playground worries are OK for the time being. I went to lunch with her again and she had Jeffery eat with us. I asked him what his favorite things about recess were. He said Makayla chasing him and playing soccer. Makayla smiled at that.

I think shouts are going to be a regular visitor to my blog:




CONGRATULATIONS MAKAYLA FOR BEING SUCH A GOOD READER (she read 5 books to me last night with HARDLY any help)

CONGRATULATIONS ISAAC FOR GET THREE LEAVES ON THE COMPLIMENT TREE (for being a special helper with out being asked and raising your hand so good)




this is too much fun i don't know if i can stop i'm sure i'll do it again so don't be sad if i forgot you

Friday, October 12, 2007

Another Shout Out

I can't get this photo any bigger. Some of you may not know that I have five amazing sisters. It was always A LOT of fun growing up with five girls, six girls, if you count mom. We kind of took over, but dad handled everything wonderfully. I aways thought that's what made me unique or different from those around me (having big family full of only girls) I always knew I'd have a big family just like it someday. Now that I have half as many as my mom, I realize truly how amazing she is. Our family has been through so much, but through it all, my parents have never let their testimonies waiver. They've always been strong in the gospel and totally 100% committed and in love with one another. To a child, that's just the way it should be - no exception, but now as an adult I see how much hard work they put in o each other, the kids, and the church, none of that just happens.

And of that hard work there are six amazing daughters (most now mothers). No matter how different our lives are or our choices may be, we each are loved. My oldest sister, Rochelle is actually who I'm shouting out. She is one of the most feisty women I know. She's truly able and capable of fighting anything that comes her way. She is strong. And along with that I know that there is a lovely Heavenly Father. He knows her, he loves her, and he is all powerful and knowing. I know this; if there's anything in this life that I know, that's it. Seasons change, ideas, and attitudes change, but I know that there is a God who watches over us. (1 Nephi 3: 1 Nephi says ..for he (the Lord) is mightier than all the earth, So why not Laban and his fifty, yea, or even than his tens of thousands?

I say, for the Lord is mightier than all the earth, so why not cancer. It happens everyday, if you just look around, MIRACLES.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pumpkin Patch, Recess, and More

Isaac on the hayride with some of his class friends. I was amazed at how well he listened and followed directions. Of course I saw a few slip ups, but oh well. Here's Jackson on the hayride. He had a good time.
Jackson was so brave. He fed the cows twice and the goat a few times. He did get scared a few times. Isaac said he didn't want to get slobber on himself (he's scared of everything)

I was able to go to the pumpkin patch with Isaac's preschool class. I took Jackson with me, I wasn't much help, but I think Jackson had a really good time. We went on a hay ride, fed the goats, sheep, and cows. Then we were able to pick out a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. It was so nice out and it was a real fun time. I think Isaac does a whole lot better without me around though. He through a few tantrums because I wouldn't give him and Jackson Cheez-its. It was pretty embarassing, but I'll survive.
Makayla would just die if she knew that I was going to tell everyone this. From the first day of school she had two best friends, Jeffery, and Kaylee. Last week I went to eat lunch with her at school. She is allowed to pick one friend to come and eat with her. She chose Kaylee even though Jeffery was asking to join her. I think he got his feelings hurt. From that day til yesterday, which has been 5 school days, she says no one will play with her at recess. It breaks my heart in two. I emailed her teacher yesterday because she went to the nurses office with an upset tummy on her way out to recess. She told me the first day no one would play with her, she sat on the ground with her face in her hands:( We'll see how she does today. Her teacher said that she's always nice and great in the class and at recess, but that she would keep an eye on her.
Jackson is starting to speak a little better. He says car now and cool, wow, and dog. He loves playing with cars this last week. It's so cute. I catch him rolling cars along everything (couches, floors, walls) and running them into each other. He's also been lining them all up in rows :) Jackson's Dr appointment is Nov. 8th hopefully someone will cancell and they'll get us in earlier.
love ya all

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


JACKSON EATING A WHOLE PEACH. I LOVE THAT HE'LL EAT ALMOST ANYTHING I TRY TO GIVE HIM. (almost, as long as it small portion all day long)

So, I forgot to add something. I don't know yet, but Jackson may have reflux. I feel so bad. I thought the doctor was crazy for thinking that he had reflux. She mentioned reflux every time i went in to see her, but she never told me the signs to look for. All I knew about reflux is that as a baby you spit up all the time. He didn't a whole lot and now that he's older, he never spits up. Until a few weeks ago. He spit up twice and when he has anything with cheddar or straight milk he throws up (I thought he was just allergic) I got on a web page that gave like ten signs of reflux and he has like 8. I have to call the G.I. specialist today. I've already seen him, (like 5 months ago) but he's the one that will test him for reflux. I'm very excited that we may know whats wrong with him and that there's something we can do about it. I don't know much about it. So I don't know it he'll grow out of it or what. Hopefully he'll start eating, growing, and cheer up a lot.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



yesterday I had to rent a carpet doctor, because spilt half a galloon of paint on the carpet in my front room (formal dining room) I totally freaked, but I think I got it all up. It was white paint so it came up a little easier than the red paint all over jackson room. Here is still a red haze all over his room. And the purple and red make up didn't come up off of Isaac's room, and the purple soda on the stairs is barely noticeable now, and the red juice in the toy room is covered by a rug etc................................ So I guess the carpet will need replaced before we ever try to sell this place. Thank goodness jeremy didn't get his way, to recarpet before we moved in:)

Friday, September 28, 2007

My new Kitchen Aid!!!!!

Yeah!! I bought a kitchen aid. I've been wanting a kitchen aid for 7 years (no joke) So today I was at target and it just so happened they were marking all their show models down because they are moving locations. :) I'm going to make bread, cookies, and cake everyday!!! Well maybe not everyday. But I may gain 10 pounds ( my husband says he'd like that )

I just bought tickets to go to a local high school play of Beauty and the Beast. Our home teacher is playing Gaston. We're going to take Makayla and Isaac. We'll leave the baby with a sitter. It should be fun, if Isaac will sit through it.

We're also going to the high school football game tonight. The baby loves to go to the games. Makayla loves the cheerleaders. The head cheerleader is in our stake and the kids are just in love with her. It's a little embarrassing. Isaac has a crush on one of the laurals in our ward. One week he wouldn't go to primary because he wanted to go to class with her. She's a really good sport about it.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


It's only been over a year and I finially figured out how to do links!!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007


So Makayla and I have been saving up box tops ALL summer. Box Top$ are on different product boxes (go-gurts, cake mixes, and bisquick, to name a few). We've save up like 30. Her class was in the lead for awhile but isn't anymore. So I was thinking, if any of Makayla's Aunts, Uncles, grammys, or grandmas use products with box top$ on them, it would be really awesome if you just saved them up for awhile and mailed them to us. We're also doing Tyson's Project A+ So if you buy tyson chicken nugget save the top label and mail it to us. Don't worry if you don't buy these products it's no big deal, but if you do, I know Makayla would just be thrilled if you mailed them to her. The money goes directly to her school and it's used at the end of the year to buy really neat stuff the school would otherwise not be able to afford.

I noticed Isaac wrote his name on one of his papers at school. I'm so excited for him. He's doing really well at school (as far as I know)

I was cleaning up my kitchen today after lunch and found, Makayla school notebook. We forgot to pack it for school. Which means she won't get a stamp in it today and she won't get a treasure at the end of the week. She'll be so upset. She checks twice a day to make sure she's had me sign by her stamp everyday and gets so excited on Friday when they get a treasure for five days of remembering to get mom or dad's signiture by her daily stamp. She's so cute about all of her school stuff. I'm afriad she'll get sick, for how much she wants to please everyone (mom, dad, teachers).

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Thank You

Thank you for all the comments. I can't remember if I blogged about Makayla's Birthday. She had a Hanna Montana Party. I bought wigs, make-up and sparkly scarves for everyone. We dressed up and took pictures as Hanna Montana and her friend Lola. It was a lot of fun. There were about five girls and they seemed to have a good time. I made phelt purses for everyone and we decorated them with glitter, jewels, and phelt flowers and hearts. I had so much fun.
Makayla took blueberry muffins to school for her birthday and Dad went to the school and had lunch with her. I'm her class mom, copy making mom, and cutting stuff out at night mom. I enjoy it. I didn't volunteer for class mom. They just needed one and I felt bad that the teacher was having to beg me. I did say no twice though and then eventually said yes. I love making copies at the school once a month and cutting stuff out, two or three times and month, but class mom may be too much. We'll see.
Isaac is having a hard time with not wanting to write his name or write in his journal at school. The only thing I can think of is that he's embarrassed because he doesn't know how very well. I tried to work on it today with him. I even had fun little marker boards Grammy made them to practice their letters but he refused. I don't know what to do.
So Jeremy has a new calling at church. He's the first counselor in the bishopric. He's a little sad because he LOVED working with the 16 and 17 year old young men in the ward. And I'm a little worried because I have to sit alone in sacrament meeting again. But mostly we're just glad to be able to serve and for the opportunity it will give to get to know the ward and serve. We love our ward so much all ready.
Last night was enrichment night for the Relief Society women at church. We had a Spiritual Spa night. It was so much fun. I taught a little mini class on health and nutrition. I really enjoy speaking and teaching. It's always a lot of fun to prepare for and present. I'm on the Enrichment Board. I had to make treats and gift bags for everyone. It's really nice to have it over and done with.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Was that your dad Makayla?

So Kayla had a Bingo night at her school last night. It was for the whole family and she was really excited for all of us to go. So we went and had ice cream and watched Isaac flick Bingo chips off the table between and during the games. It doesn't take much for those things to become weapons. It was fun watching the kids playing and getting really close to winning. They had ice cream and had a really good time until we told Isaac he couldn't have more ice cream.

In the midst of the noise and commotion, a letter and number was called out and out of all the people in the room, (there had to be at least 200 playing) my card was the winner! BINGO!!!! I yelled really loud, so proud of my accomplishment. The lady then came over to check my card. As she yelled to the main lady with the microphone in front of the entire crowd in attendance my letters and numbers that I had covered, it seems as if N-45 was never called. Then why did I have it covered? Was there some Bingo experience in my youth that made me really want to show everyone that I can win at Bingo? Did I really want the McNeal Elementary antennae ball so bad that I resorted to creating a competitive advantage in my favor thinking I would not have to face the consequences of unfair play? As the lady with the microphone let me know that I had not won with that "come on Dad, it's not that hard of a game" look on her face, a collective "AHHHHHH" came from the lunch room because most of the gamers had already cleared their cards. At that moment as the game resumed, a confused Makayla asked me, "didn't you win Dad?" I tried to come up with the words to help her understand that "Listen Makayla, you can't win them all; leave me alone right now."

Everyone around me tried to keep talking and playing as if I just then didn't make a fool of me, my family, and our faith since the family behind us was in our ward. Chauntel had to take off with Jackson as I yelled Bingo and came back wondering where my prize was. Last she heard, I was proclaiming my victory in this game of skill and chance. I had to let her know too that although N-45 should have been called, it really wasn't.

So as the stories will go today at McNeal Elementary about that guy that tried to cheat at Bingo last night, inevitably someone will associate my sweet girl with the event and ask, "Was that your Dad, Makayla?" She will then be faced with the decision that will follow her for the rest of her life. Does she accept me as her father in spite of myself, or does she take the easy road, one that will qualify her for much less heartache for the rest of her life and say, "I think he's my stepped Dad. Or something like that."

Saturday, September 08, 2007

School days

I asked Jeremy if I sounded like such a brat asking everyone to comment, but it looks like it worked. There's still some people who I know are out there not commenting. I'm going to try to do better at commenting on everyone elses. As you can see we gave the kids all suckers, to kept them happy. It work until the last two minutes, when two duck swam over by us and the kids started to freak out. My kids are scared of everything.

I'm actually really loving school and the great schedule it forces. I get up at 6 am and the kids all get up between 6:30 and 7 I love it. I actually get to the gym more and get more done. Isaac really misses Kayla when he doesn't have school. And Jackson really misses them both on the days Isaac is also at preschool. He pouts and wines the whole time they're gone. He so bored without them I have to entertain him the whole time.

Isaac is doing so amazing at preschool. He doesn't even want me to walk him in, so I just drop him off at the door (car pool lane!) He loves it. When you ask him what he loves most about school, he yells EVERYTHING. He tells me everything about school. Unlike Makayla, who I have to trick into telling me. Well she shares a lot too but she's more annoyed after a year of answering all these question already (everyday)

I almost forgot to mention my mirror, Bailey helped me pick out. I discover IKEA while she was here. Of course I've been there before but mostly for the kids. I guess I didn't know they had nice home decorating stuff (that weren't bright geometerical patterns)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

No more blogging unless

O.K. everyone who gets on my blog. I am no longer blogging until I have at least 7 comments on the latest post. We want to hear from everyone who is keeping up with us. I will try my best to check and promply post when there are enough comments. I love you all.

Family Pictures

My sister Bailey and her son Kooper came to visit this weekend. I'M SO GLAD SHE WAS ABLE TO COME! It was so great to see family. It makes me a little homesick. She took family pictures for us. The lens had a finger print on it. :( So they're all blurry. I'm still going to try and blow one up.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cinderella's Ball

Makayla and Isaac are so cute. Today Makayla dressed up as Cinderella and Isaac dressed up as the Prince. He had me help him. He wore his suit, church socks and shoes, White shirt, and tie. Then they went down stairs, turned on some music, and danced hand in hand as if they were at Cinderella's Ball. Of course our camera is broken, so I use my film camera. I'll let you see the pictures in about 6 months:)

The pictures are from when grammy and poppy were here. Isaac, now has a new suit. Watch out girls he's smok'n. It's almost exactly the same but it isn't missing any of its buttons. I got it on line. It's the same brand as his old one (one size bigger of course)
Makayla met her new teacher tonight. She seem very nice. I'm so excited for school to start. We had a practice run this morning. We got there on time, but there was no traffic and I found out today school starts 15 minutes earlier than I thought.

Friday, August 17, 2007


So it's been summer time, not a whole lot of occasions to wear nice stuff except for Sundays. (which Isaac will only wear his suit to church because it's cool)(sweater vest are not cool and everyone will laugh at him, or so he thinks) So everyday he wears basketball shorts and a tank top of some sort. No biggy because it's summer time. Occasional I've tried to get him to wear nice shorts and a polo and he has strongly declined.

Last night we went out to eat and Jeremy put Isaac in nice cargo short. I have never seen such a test of wills. He was convinced that it wasn't cool to wear cargo shorts and that everyone at the restaurant was going to laugh at him.

The other day I bought him two pair of cute cargo shorts and while we were checking out he informed dad that he HATED those shorts. Then today I was buying them school shoes and Isaac informed me that the spider man lite up shoes made him run faster and everyone at the gym would think he was cool if he wore them. Somehow I convince him to let me buy them somewhere else where I knew they would be half as much.