Tuesday, September 01, 2015

We are Back in Houston

Well we've been back for over a year now.  It's been a long time since I blogged.  I remember thinking blogging was very therapeutic and good for journaling the happenings of our family.  Who couldn't use a little therapy:)

We moved to Friendswood, Texas back in July 2014.  They kids have really enjoyed being here and have made a lot of good friends.  Jeremy loves being back at work.  He has had a rough year trying to get things the way he wants them in his business.  It's been a lot of work.  He is also now a 50/50 owner in his business instead of 33.3% which is really exciting.

It's been a little different experience for me (not having school or work as a way to socialize)  It's been a little lonely trying to adjust to a new area and home.  But I can say after a year it's starting to feel a little better.  Whether it's been time that has helped, I'm not sure.

I think my new calling at church has been a huge help.  It's been a stressful transition into a new assignment but also has given my something to work on and given me a way to socialize in a new circle of friends.  So even though it's a lot of work and stress, it's ultimately been good for me to push myself and meet new people.

School has been back in for a week now and that means Porter and I are home all day together.  I'm still working on finding a good schedule for the both of us.  I need to find a balance between getting things done, having fun, exercise, and spiritual growth.  I hope I can figure it out, but I think balance is a life time struggle.

Monday, February 04, 2013

It is so much fun (and work) having a baby again.  I'm so thankful Jeremy has been home to help me so much with this little (actually huge) boy.  He was so hard for the first 2 1/2 months, but he's really changed and a is such an easy baby now.  I just took me a little while to figure him out and work through somethings:)  He's so happy and getting so fat again.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Blessing Day

We blessed Porter today in Grammy and Poppy's ward in Kentucky.  We forgot to bring his blessing outfit, so Saturday night I went to Walmart and Kmart to find something that would work.  This is the outfit we came up with.  

We're visiting Grammy

Porter has been very colicky.  I've cut out milk, chocolate, broccoli, and apples.  It helped a little, but not completely.  While we've been here, I decided to try giving him strictly formula (Gerber Sensitive)  and won't you know it, he's doing so much better.  I'm so conflicted, because of course I'm so happy he's not crying all the time and in stomach pain, but I'm so sad that I'm not nursing.  For the first few days I would tear up every time I'd feed him a bottle.  I'm pumping and dumping, so I don't lose my milk.  I'm not sure if, when, or how I'll start nursing again, but I want to know that it's an option.  Maybe when his tummy is a little more mature I'll try again or even do half and half in a month or so.

Since he's been on formula for five days, Porter looks so much bigger, chubbier, happier.  He looks amazing.

We are having a lot of fun here.  It's always wonderful to spend time with family and friends.

Friday, November 16, 2012

16 days old

My Fat Boy

I have to start this entry with "I knew it, I knew Porter was going to be huge" I still believe I went three weeks over and I believe Porter being 10lbs. 2oz. proves it:)

That being said, check him out.  He was fat.  He's not so much now but I'm working on it.  He lost almost a pound and in about 10minutes we're headed to the doctors to weight him.  I'm really hoping he's over 10 lbs. again.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

soccer season is under way

Sad new: Jackson's hockey has been cancelled due to not enough players signing up:( and I'm going to hold off on signing Makayla up for anything.  So for right now I only have to juggle Isaac's soccer, scouts, Makayla's activity days, and makayla and Isaac's piano (don't forget 3 kids with homework every night).  Which I think will be enough with a baby coming soon.

Birthday girl

fun straw glasses from aunt amo

getting ready to open gifts

Makayla's birthday was a few weeks ago.  I'm finally sharing a few photos.  She got some fun gifts thanks grandma, grandpa, grammy, poppy, and amy, she love them all.


View from family to front door

view from inside office to entry way

view from french doors into office

Saturday, September 01, 2012

I'm sooooo out of my mind excited!

This is a picture from my kitchen into the formal dining room, soon to be HUGE  pantry/sewing room:)

This is a picture from the family room into the entry way/ formal living room, soon to be Jeremy's office:)

Yay, I'm getting my BIG pantry/sewing room and Jeremy's getting his much needed office.  So the two useless formal room will now becoming very functional and used daily:)  My husband wasn't sure about the pantry off the kitchen.  I'm so glad he let me convince him that I needed it.  What a great guy.

Jeremy and Jonathan Staiger worked from sun up to sun down and will work on it again on labor day (ironically)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School

all the kids in their backpacks ready to head to the car

Jackson heading into his kindergarten class without mom

Mom spying on Jackson while he found his seat and got settled in;-)

Wow, if only our morning routine can go this smoothly the rest of the school year.  I really hounded the kids about the importance of having their own lunches, snacks, and backpacks pack the night before and having their clothes set out.  That way big old pregnant mom won't have to do everything and get upset in the morning.  Also with a new baby coming in two months they'll have to do everything themselves. I hope we can keep up the good routine all school year.

So I teared up a little and I'm sitting here wondering how Jackson is doing on his first day of Kinder.  I'm sure he's doing great and loving it.  He has an amazing teacher.  But it's so hard not to worry, because he's my baby.