Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mexico or the real world?

If I can get my pictures posted it would be a lot more fun to post. Jeremy and I have been home for a week now. I'm wishing I was back in Mexico. Our kids are so bad lately. I've been embarrassed lately whenever I'm out with them. (more than usual anyways)
Mexico was wonderful. Jeremy and I have only been away without the kids (over night) maybe once or twice in the last five and a half years. So 5 day and 4 nights at an all inclusive resort was absolutely amazing. The whole resort was great. I got my first Pedi and went snorkeling for the first time. We loved snorkeling so much we went twice. We loved being able to hang out with everyone that Jeremy works with they're great. especially Niki and James. We miss them and we've seen more of them since we've moved than were there for a while.
Thank you again to grammy poppy and aunt linda. They were wonderful with our sick (throwing up kids) Jackson still won't say hi to us like he did all week with them. The kids are always informing me that they were good for grammy because she's nicer than I am.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

trouble posting pictures?

Is anyone else having trouble uploading pictures.

I've been trying to post pictures of the house, the kids, and our vacation but it won't let me.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

So Jackson hasn't been wearing his helmet since Thursday. On Thrusday when I was giving him a bath and I noticed he had a sore on his head. I called the doctors office and they said to leave his helmet off til they could see him. They couldn't get him in and we could get three til Thursday so tomorrow we're driving to Houston. I'm really worried about his helmet situation and how they're going to fix his head. It seems like it will look better for a while and then something will go really wrong like his head bulging on top, the sore, and now it seem like there's a ridge forming along his forhead across his forhead right above his eyebrows. We only saw it because his helmet has been off for so long and you can only see it (well) outside in good sun light.

finialy pictures but not a kitchen

So we bought a camera but our kitchen is not done yet. It was demoed last Tuesday and its now Wednesday. So it's been over a week. We're getting so stress out without having our kitchen usable. We are getting so sick of eating out and are so ready for a clean house, without strangers walking around, and a healthy home cooked meal. I think it will take two more days at least for him to finish, but we'll be gone tomorrow, and Friday. He doesn't work on Saturdays and we don't work on Sundays so Monday and Tuesday are it because I leave for CANCUN MEXICO ON WED.!!!! With all the stress of the surgery, moving, and remolding I'm really looking forward to a few days without kids.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Dallas Cowboy

I forgot to tell everyone. We changed Jackson's helmet stickers from Astro (who we love) to the Dallas Cowboy (who we'll learn to love in time)

no camera yet

Today our kitchen is supposed to get finished. I'll believe it when I see it. We were supposed to close on our house this friday but their financing has changed and they need to wait a few more days for one more paycheck. Which means we have to pay on our mortage again. Which really sticks because that's when our new houses mortage starts.

Sunday Makayla had to leave church early because she had a fever of 102. I've been checking on her through the night and she's still got a fever and hasn't really eaten or drank anything in almost 24 hours and she doesn't want to take tylenol. I hope we don't all get sick.

Thursday Jackson has an appointment with his helmet doc. He hasn't been able to wear his helmet since thursday afternoon. because his helmet caused a sore on the top of his head so hopefully when we go on thursday they can figure out what is wrong so we don't have to make the trip to houston for awhile. He's looking really good. Well at least I think so.

Isaac is getting better everyweek at church so maybe in a few weeks he'll remember that he likes primary so he'll go without me. I've been going for opening exercises, but not to his class. Last week it was really hard at first but then when it was time to go he put up a fight and went kicking and screaming all the way to the car.

Next week we leave for cancun. I've never been out of the US so I'm really excited. Grammy and Poppy are coming to watch all the kids. We wouldn't be able to go if it weren't for them. I'm so glad that they're willing to drive here and watch our rugrats. We're very excited to show them our home. I hope poppy's willing to do a project or two for me. If not I'm sure I can figure them out when I get home. I want some shelves in the game room and a bench under the window to store toys. I'm learning how impatient I am. I want my house done already and when I say done I really mean prefect. Which realisticly that could take a few years.

I love you all and miss everyone. Come and visit us everyone.

Friday, March 02, 2007

No Camera

So these are old pictures that I never blogged. In the last two weeks we've moved, unpacked, removed paperboarders in three rooms, painted three rooms, had our roof blown off and than repaired, had our contractor for our kitchen not show three times, two kids throwing up and had one trip to the urgent care center. (Isaac split his head open at target. I was with the three kids by myself. The ambulance came and it was crazy)

So it been a little crazy and mostly because of our lack of routine. It's kind of hard on the kids to not have a routine but if they are watching T.V. all day I through them out back to play on our swing that has no swing on it and is pretty old. I deserve the mother of the year award for how much t.v. they've been watching for the last two weeks. j/k

We are so excited to finish painting and changing things around. Our new countertops and backsplash should be installed next week if our joker contractor shows. I'm so excited about my new kitchen. I decided on laminate smoky topaz counter tops (black) and white waynes coating for our backsplash. We're keeping the floors the way they are till next year and the cabinet are staying the color they are. I seriously considered painting them white but I'm so sick of painting and having a messy house that I think I'm going to love them the way that they are.