Sunday, January 29, 2012

FYI Logsdon and Schultz Family

We've played our family memory game, have any of you?:) Amy- Yours is on the way:)

I know it's already on FACEBOOK

I still love blogging more than facebook, but with a phone that does it all, facebook is so easy, available, and quick.

We finally signed Jackson up for hockey. He is soooo excited, until he found out he has to take skate lesson first:) At his second practice they moved him up a whole level and I'm hoping he moves up quickly. If he can graduate all these mandatory lesson quick enough, we can get him into mini mites for the spring season. His birthday is in 12 days. He's getting hockey gear (like the whole shabang) that he'll need to play on a team:)

Having a little fun with color in my livingroom

My family room has be void of all color for so long. It's so great to have something in that room that isn't BROWN:-)