Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School

all the kids in their backpacks ready to head to the car

Jackson heading into his kindergarten class without mom

Mom spying on Jackson while he found his seat and got settled in;-)

Wow, if only our morning routine can go this smoothly the rest of the school year.  I really hounded the kids about the importance of having their own lunches, snacks, and backpacks pack the night before and having their clothes set out.  That way big old pregnant mom won't have to do everything and get upset in the morning.  Also with a new baby coming in two months they'll have to do everything themselves. I hope we can keep up the good routine all school year.

So I teared up a little and I'm sitting here wondering how Jackson is doing on his first day of Kinder.  I'm sure he's doing great and loving it.  He has an amazing teacher.  But it's so hard not to worry, because he's my baby.

Friday, August 24, 2012

I just signed Jackson up for inline hockey!  I'm so excited to see him play hockey in a real game.  Ice hockey only has games on Sunday so luckily we found this outdoor roller hockey league so he can still play!

Isaac starts up with soccer madness again with the Blackhawks.  We love his team!

Makayla thinks she wants to try ballet this year.  Why not we've tried soccer, gymnastics, run, cheer, and so maybe this will be her thing.  Here's no telling with her.

Pre-Birthday Birthday Party

Anna, Olivia, Makayla, Taytum, Lindsey @ Hawaiian Falls

We celebrated Makayla's birthday 2 weeks early so I could get it done before school starts and so we could use the rest of our Hawaiian Falls FREE BUDDIE PASSES!!!!!

I think the girls had a lot of fun.  I know Makayla did.  So in two weeks we'll have a small family party.  

girls trying to get warm, the water was FREEZING

Jackson and Dad were slide buddies all day

We let Isaac bring a friend was he won't bother the girls
Amy and Colton our only family in Texas came too

Monday, August 20, 2012

Projects projects project

I've been working on this wall forever.  Now that I'm feeling better I was able to convince Jeremy to help me.  Now we have to decide if we're going to lower the top rod?  It's pretty high.  We had to recruit the tallest friend we have to help get it up and I can't even space out the frames properly because it's so high.  And if you look closely you will notice our family picture is messed up.  The photo I ordered was too small and it's almost time for a new family photo.  So it just might stay that way for another couple months.


I know my mirrors are uneven and the walls by the shower need to be textured and painted, but I did it all by myself while Jeremy and Makayla have been gone.  So Jeremy will finish the rest when he gets back.  Also once we decided on a baby name I can make him a towel and label his own towel hook, lucky baby:)

Jeremy retiled the shower.  Isn't it beautiful.  Thanks to his two friends that helped him out (Jared and Ken, thank you)

boys will be boys

Again the Logsdon boys are naked.  They sure love being naked.

It was pretty hot the other day and since we don't have a pool, they decided to make one.  It was pretty cute, but I have to admit that I loath it when they turn on the water.  They love to flood the yard and make mud puddles and mud pies.  It's such a mess.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

tornado simulator and superdad

Jackson loves tornadoes.  We went to the museum of nature and science had a HUGE tornado simulators.  So of course Jackson tried to build his own in the garage and made a BIG mess.  So Poppy and Jeremy set out to make all his dreams come true.

Beautiful Kayla