Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cinderella's Ball

Makayla and Isaac are so cute. Today Makayla dressed up as Cinderella and Isaac dressed up as the Prince. He had me help him. He wore his suit, church socks and shoes, White shirt, and tie. Then they went down stairs, turned on some music, and danced hand in hand as if they were at Cinderella's Ball. Of course our camera is broken, so I use my film camera. I'll let you see the pictures in about 6 months:)

The pictures are from when grammy and poppy were here. Isaac, now has a new suit. Watch out girls he's smok'n. It's almost exactly the same but it isn't missing any of its buttons. I got it on line. It's the same brand as his old one (one size bigger of course)
Makayla met her new teacher tonight. She seem very nice. I'm so excited for school to start. We had a practice run this morning. We got there on time, but there was no traffic and I found out today school starts 15 minutes earlier than I thought.

Friday, August 17, 2007


So it's been summer time, not a whole lot of occasions to wear nice stuff except for Sundays. (which Isaac will only wear his suit to church because it's cool)(sweater vest are not cool and everyone will laugh at him, or so he thinks) So everyday he wears basketball shorts and a tank top of some sort. No biggy because it's summer time. Occasional I've tried to get him to wear nice shorts and a polo and he has strongly declined.

Last night we went out to eat and Jeremy put Isaac in nice cargo short. I have never seen such a test of wills. He was convinced that it wasn't cool to wear cargo shorts and that everyone at the restaurant was going to laugh at him.

The other day I bought him two pair of cute cargo shorts and while we were checking out he informed dad that he HATED those shorts. Then today I was buying them school shoes and Isaac informed me that the spider man lite up shoes made him run faster and everyone at the gym would think he was cool if he wore them. Somehow I convince him to let me buy them somewhere else where I knew they would be half as much.

Monday, August 13, 2007


I can't believe summer's coming to an end. Makayla's first day of school is August 27th. Isaac starts on Sept. 5. I hope I can keep up with all the dropping off, picking up and nap time schedules. I think the only school clothes I'm going to buy is shoes. I think the kids will be fine till it starts getting cold. I do need to go school supply shopping. How fun. I guess all this stuff is fun because it's my first.

I don't think I posted how Jackson's 18 month check up went. He wieghs 19 pds 9 oz. which I thought he'd weigh more, but at least he wieghed more than before. That puts him at the 0% for height, wieght, and head. What a bummer. His doctor totally stresses me out though. She wants him to go to the G.I. specialist again, have blood work done, see a cranial facial specialist (because his head isn't growing), see a speech theapist because he's not talking, and take antibiotics because of fluid in his ears. The list goes on and on about genetic disorders, allergy tests, and diseases I've never heard of; and the whole time the kids were acting like they were little monkeys climbing on everything and pretending like they couldn't hear me when I was talking (sternly). I was so stressed out I was unable to function the whole rest of the day. I came to two conclusions 1. something is wrong with the baby and my doctor is totally on top of taking care of him. 2. She's a total basket case and freaks everyone out that comes in to visit her and the baby just needs to recover after the 8 rounds of antibiotics he's had in the last 9 months and his hearing and speech just need some time after he gets tubes to get used to hearing everything. Personally, I think she's a basket case and I need to find a new doctor who is more laid back and doesn't stress me out so much. I don't think I'm in denial. I'm just not a freak when in comes to getting sick, giving medicine, and going to the doctor for every little scrape and runny nose.

I'm venting. That's what blogs are for, right?

I think Jeremy is so ready for summer to be over and focus on his branch and not the woes of salesmen. Hopefully he can figure out how to keep all of his customers and have a great 2nd summer. He's been spraying everyday for at least the last month. He'll probably spray every other day after the salesmen leave. He's working really hard for this branch to be successful. I'm really proud of him, for how he's dealt with things and worked so hard. I love you Jeremy.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Jackson is scheduled to get tubes in his ears Tuesday morning. I've had a really hard time giving in to this. It probably should have been done two or three months ago. We went to a natural (helistic, or chiroprator) for a while which I still think would be the best solution.

So keep us in your prayers, Tuesday, that everything will go perfectly. You guys should click on the last picture of Jackson to have a better look. It's great.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

We love having familly visit!

Thanks to grammy and poppy I have a few pictures to share.

Thanks you, Jeremy for your always wonderful posts.

Computer back, Camera broke!

So our computer is back in all it's glory and it's great to be able to have access to the real world now. But now the problem is that our new camera is broke. Of course one of the kids found it, took 26 pictures of themselves, the TV show they were watching, and the kitchen chair and then thought they'd save time I guess by pushing the lens in with their finger rather than pushing the button to do it for them. Whatever. We can either keep them seperated, confined in areas where they have no access to anything other than nerf products and let them out to graze at the table periodically, or have Chauntel get a job to support our electronics habit. We've decided to let the kids roam free while Chauntel is applying at Best Buy as a greeter so we can get a discount perhaps on their stuff.

Here are some pictures of our Mexico trip from earlier this year. That blonde is my wife. She's pretty hot. The other one is of me and Cheslie rockin' out by the pool at night in front of our resort. It was a lot of fun. A lot of people would stop and listen for a while as they were walking by. One groupie ended up in my hotel room that night. (of course the same one that was there the night before)