Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Computer back, Camera broke!

So our computer is back in all it's glory and it's great to be able to have access to the real world now. But now the problem is that our new camera is broke. Of course one of the kids found it, took 26 pictures of themselves, the TV show they were watching, and the kitchen chair and then thought they'd save time I guess by pushing the lens in with their finger rather than pushing the button to do it for them. Whatever. We can either keep them seperated, confined in areas where they have no access to anything other than nerf products and let them out to graze at the table periodically, or have Chauntel get a job to support our electronics habit. We've decided to let the kids roam free while Chauntel is applying at Best Buy as a greeter so we can get a discount perhaps on their stuff.

Here are some pictures of our Mexico trip from earlier this year. That blonde is my wife. She's pretty hot. The other one is of me and Cheslie rockin' out by the pool at night in front of our resort. It was a lot of fun. A lot of people would stop and listen for a while as they were walking by. One groupie ended up in my hotel room that night. (of course the same one that was there the night before)


Rifle Fam said...

WHAT! You know how to use a computer and even post a blog??? :) Just kiddin, I will read more of your blog later, it is late here in Rifle Colorado and i have to get to bed. Just checked my email, linked to your update on mission webpage, linked to your blog and thought I would give you a quick hard time. Talk later.
Chad Burgess