Saturday, June 30, 2007

Family Pictures

We attempted last Sunday to take Family Pictures. For all of the Schultz family that witnessed the fiasco when we tried in Oregon and for Grammy and Poppy that saw what happened at Target the one time we tried with them, you all can understand what a trial it is for us. For whatever reason, Makayla loves to have her picture taken around the house or wherever else, but when we try a formal picture she literally freaks out. The one family pic where Makayla isn't crying that we have up is the second round of pictures. The first one was the one where she is covering her face. We were going to blow that one up and put it up in our living room. We showed it to her and she said, "You can't put that up because I'm crying!" So she agreed to give it another go and we got a few that we can choose from. Check out all the boys sportin' our Mexico shirts. We had a few Chicas at the park hootin at us - we almost couldn't stay there cause Isaac kept trying to Salsa with a few of them at the swings.

They had a thing on the radio not too long ago where geeks that were with babes could send in pictures of them as a couple and the people on the radio would debate as to how the dork could score such a babe, and if it was even legit. It always came down to money. The Dude always had money. Since I had none when we met, and none now, I'm sure our situation would keep them wondering. Look at the picture of me and Chauntel, I'm looking giddy and I think she's wishing I wasn't standing so close.

Ya'll should let us know which family picture you all like best. The one picture is from the Texas Rangers ballpark in Arlington. The Astros were in town last week, so we went and watched a game with Grandma and Grandpa Schultz. It was great except for the traffic getting in and out.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The baby has been seeing a chiropractor lately. We thought we'd try him for awhile. It's more of natural medicine and laser treatments. I'm not sure if I'm sold on this Dr. I'm wanting to try someone that will be able to treat Jackson without antibiotics, and blood tests after blood tests. It's ridiculous how much he charges. If I wanted him to see the whole family it would be highway robbery. I'm probably going to find someone more reasonable. Check out Isaac's soccoer pose. He did it himself.

Makayla and Isaac are in soccer right now. It's so frustrating. They both sit out pouting most of the time. Makayla always says she's tired or sick. Isaac just pouts when he's not the best or when they're doing something he doesn't want to do. Isaac does it at swimming also. The kids missed 4 of their 8 swim lessons because they were sick. I guess I'll have to sign them up for another session.

Like Jeremy wrote on the last blog, Jackson is on top of everything all day long. I try to keep him upstairs. There's nothing to climb on top of upstairs. Isaac's Birthday party was today. It was the funnest party we've done. I loved it. We had everyone just drop their kids off. I didn't have to clean the house spotless for three and four year olds or impress anyone but 3 and 4 year olds. The kids and I made two pinatas, and we played with balloon rockets and paper airplanes. It was so fun to watch them get so excited about everything. The kids were all so good and everyone played nice together. We invited everyone from his Sunbeams class. Two girls and three boys showed so with our two there was only seven kids (the baby was down for a nap, which was great)

Friday, June 15, 2007


We need to take more pictures. We lost our camera for a week or so, but found it again the other day. A quick update of what's been goin' on the last few days. Mom came into the living room the other day wondering what was going on with Isaac's underwear. Although he is a Logsdon, she knew that even this was a little much down there. He was playing that fun game that we all play from time to time, "How many ______ can you fit in your underwear". That day's lucky winner was our mini-oranges (or whatever they're called) that were on the kitchen counter. And if you guessed 8, then you're the winner. He had a few extras to spare that I'm sure would've found their way in sooner or later. We didn't want to eat them afterwards, so we put them in a care package and gave them to the missionaries that Sunday. Just kidding.

Isaac had a birthday on Monday. He was so excited all day. We had a family party for him Monday night and had him pick his birthday dinner: pancakes, bacon, and he wanted cereal also, but we called it good with the pancakes and bacon. We got him a soccer goal and mini-football and I also got him some red, white, and blue head and wrist bands that look way 70's and way cool. We'll post a pic of that real soon I'm sure.

Makayla and Isaac got really sick this week. Kayla had scarlet fever (strep-throat with rash) and Isaac had Pink-eye in both eyes. We got them into the doctor and now they're feeling a lot better.

Jackson is officially part monkey. That kid is really amazing with how much energy he has lately and how much he doesn't want to listen to what you want him to do; all the while smiling at you. The later it gets in the evening, the wilder he is. All you have to do is lay him down though and he's out. His thing is to push a chair where he wants it, then climb up on the table, kitchen counter, or whatever he can. His favorite is the table. He'll climb up on it about 32 times a day. It's really funny how rough him and Isaac are with each other now. Jackson dishes it and takes it now. They are officially brothers.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

I paid Jeremy to say that

Jeremy is totally better at blogging than I am. Some people are better at sharing their thoughts on paper. Jeremy's always been really great at that.

So our kitchen was suppose to get finished today, hopefully it will get finished on Monday!!!!! I'm so excited to see how Isaac does tomorrow in primary. Like Jeremy said, he's doing a lot better.

Our wards boundaries are changing this Sunday. Our stake is creating a new ward. I really hope ours doesn't change too much. I love our ward. I'm getting a new calling tomorrow and Jeremy has been working with the priests, the last few weeks. He's really enjoying it.

The picture of the kids, is of them at the Sam Houston statue, between Houston and Dallas. It's the tallest replica statue in the world (I think) That's obviously not a picture of the statue.