Saturday, June 02, 2007

I paid Jeremy to say that

Jeremy is totally better at blogging than I am. Some people are better at sharing their thoughts on paper. Jeremy's always been really great at that.

So our kitchen was suppose to get finished today, hopefully it will get finished on Monday!!!!! I'm so excited to see how Isaac does tomorrow in primary. Like Jeremy said, he's doing a lot better.

Our wards boundaries are changing this Sunday. Our stake is creating a new ward. I really hope ours doesn't change too much. I love our ward. I'm getting a new calling tomorrow and Jeremy has been working with the priests, the last few weeks. He's really enjoying it.

The picture of the kids, is of them at the Sam Houston statue, between Houston and Dallas. It's the tallest replica statue in the world (I think) That's obviously not a picture of the statue.


Rochelle said...

O.k. mom said you would be offended by my saying Jeremy is better at updating. I hope you are not. And I hope you will keep updating. We are glad you do it. Did you paint your kitchen blue and make curtains? They look good.

Jillian said...

Your Kitchen is really cute, I LOVE the color, and the curtians look really cute! ^_^ I love you

Anonymous said...

I love that color blue with your curtains, and it looks good with the cabinets and the white back
splash too. You both are better than Nathan and I are at updating our blog. We do it like once every few months or after Amy yells at me. That's great about Jackson's helmet. You'll have to let us know how Isaac did in Primary.

Love you guys!


Anonymous said...

Kitchen looks so good. We need to make a trip down to Dallas to visit I miss you all.


Anonymous said...

I think Bailey misses me the most.

Rochelle said...

O.k. someone needs to update this blog and Jeremy and Chauntel you still need to do your 8 things about you.