Saturday, June 30, 2007

Family Pictures

We attempted last Sunday to take Family Pictures. For all of the Schultz family that witnessed the fiasco when we tried in Oregon and for Grammy and Poppy that saw what happened at Target the one time we tried with them, you all can understand what a trial it is for us. For whatever reason, Makayla loves to have her picture taken around the house or wherever else, but when we try a formal picture she literally freaks out. The one family pic where Makayla isn't crying that we have up is the second round of pictures. The first one was the one where she is covering her face. We were going to blow that one up and put it up in our living room. We showed it to her and she said, "You can't put that up because I'm crying!" So she agreed to give it another go and we got a few that we can choose from. Check out all the boys sportin' our Mexico shirts. We had a few Chicas at the park hootin at us - we almost couldn't stay there cause Isaac kept trying to Salsa with a few of them at the swings.

They had a thing on the radio not too long ago where geeks that were with babes could send in pictures of them as a couple and the people on the radio would debate as to how the dork could score such a babe, and if it was even legit. It always came down to money. The Dude always had money. Since I had none when we met, and none now, I'm sure our situation would keep them wondering. Look at the picture of me and Chauntel, I'm looking giddy and I think she's wishing I wasn't standing so close.

Ya'll should let us know which family picture you all like best. The one picture is from the Texas Rangers ballpark in Arlington. The Astros were in town last week, so we went and watched a game with Grandma and Grandpa Schultz. It was great except for the traffic getting in and out.


Dusty and Amy said...

Ha Ha!! I think my vote is for the one where Makayla is crying OR the very last one that is posted. I love Isaac's smile and the way Jackson looks!

Anonymous said...

I like the one where all of you are in the tree together.