Friday, February 20, 2009

can't leave isaac and makayla out

I felt a little bad for not blogging about Makayla and Isaac and this was the only picture I have of them. Aren't they cute. I found them cuddling like this the other morning before school. Makayla's playing the leapster, Grandma and Grandpa Schultz got them. They love that thing.

Makayla had her first soccer practice on Tuesday. She looked like she had a lot of fun. Jeremy is coaching and Gabe and I are helping out a little bit.

square dancing tradition

For Valentine's the last two years we have gone to the church for country square dancing:) It was more fun this year, because I was over the creepies of having to dance with other men. However, I kind of liked that part the most this time:) I wore my new cowgirl boots and got a blister (good fun)

I've been trying my hand at coupon clipping. I'll have to let you know if it's worth it and how I do. I've gone once and got razors for free (the good four blade kind:) It was a lot of fun and a little embarrassing.

Jackson the Brave

Jackson is the lone brave soul among the weak and fearful. Jackson loves his teddy bear hamster, Princess. A little too much. He keeps trying to help her escape and tries cuddling and rolling around with her while she's in her ball. She gets scared to death (you can tell when she's scared, cause she boops like crazy:) Jackson laughs like a crazy lunatic when he watches the hamster. I know that alone must scare princess.

Nacho Libre, Baby

Jeremy bought these wrestling masks in Mexico. The boys all took their shirts off, put masks on, and did a little wrestling Mexican style.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Little Girl

This is my little girl, Makayla. Take a good look, because perhaps it will be the last that you see of her for a while. She has been taken to an undisclosed location where she will be fed well, schooled, and given ample time to play and watch TV. She is isolated from anyone of the opposite sex as to not tarnish her angelic personality. She will be able to receive visits from a select few once cleared and given permission by me. She will remain at this location until I find her a suitable companion in the next 13-16 years. At that time any applicants wishing to be granted above indicated permission may apply. Send applications to:

PO BOX probably not you
McKinney, TX 75070

I will receive them and go over each carefully. Included in that application must be your 3 previous Bishops' contact info, your mission president's contact info, your transcripts of the schooling that you've completed thus far, and an outline of the remaining schooling that is anticipated. Applicants must have memorized the 13 articles of faith, all years of scripture mastery, the Declaration of Independance, and the starting roster of any 2 of the 11 Kentucky Basketball National Championship teams. You also must have a sound understaning and be able to clearly explain the interesting roles that the Lion and Hyena play in sub-sahara Africa and the role that cotton played for the South in the Civil War.
This list may not be complete at this time as I have perhaps another 13 years to add to it. Those interested can check back from time to time to see what they may need to be prepared for at any time in the future.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Jackson's 3!!!!!

Jackson's birthday is tomorrow, but we wanted to celebrate it while Grammy was here. It was so nice to just do a family party. Jackson loves loves his airplane from Grandma and Grammy. And all the kids love his new hamster, Princess, from mom and dad. I think I had a lapse of judgment when I bought it. Dad's the only one brave enough to touch it. I'm not a pet person, but it is so fun watching the kids get sooooo excited about it.

Back to Life.... Back to Reality!!!!

Well, I'm back to the grind. We had so much fun in Cabo. I think my favorite was the rock climbing, repelling, zipline, and hiking we did. It was a lot of fun. The water was to cold for me, but the weather was amazing.

Thank you Grammy for watching my sick babies. I'm so sorry my kids get sick everytime we leave them with you.

Saturday, February 07, 2009


Before Chauntel met me down in Mexico, I was down there for "business". We went out on the Baja and drove these dune buggies. It was AWESOME!!! If you did something wrong while driving, they would flag you down around the last turn before your next lap and put you in "timeout". The first picture is of one of my business partners, Greg, in timeout for something. I was in timeout also for coming as close as you possibly can come to tipping one without actually doing it. It was awesome! There were several rules on the course, but the first one was to 'Expect the unexpected'. They said, hey, you're in Baja, you never know what's around the next turn. One of my guys was buzzing around a corner on the track and a whole herd of GOATS was on the track! He hit the brakes and swerved to miss'em as they all ran out in all directions. It was great.

Cabo San Lucas, MEXICO!!!!

Here are some of the pictures from our trip to Mexico. WE HAD A BLAST!! We'll post some more later. We took a Pirate Ship sunset cruise and saw a bunch of whales. The whales were awesome. We parasailed over a mom and her calf and they were coming up out of the water. When I took a picture of Chauntel and the pirate, I was doing something with the camera and he told me, "Take your time, Senor!" It was funny. Chauntel took the shot of the horses playing. We went horseback riding at this ranch that took us down to the beach. While we were riding, Chauntel's horse kicked mine right in the face! It was straight from the UFC! It was violent! It scared me to death. So I jumped off my horse and wrestled her horse to the ground and told it to not do it again. No I didn't. I'm sure Chauntel will post more later.