Saturday, February 07, 2009

Cabo San Lucas, MEXICO!!!!

Here are some of the pictures from our trip to Mexico. WE HAD A BLAST!! We'll post some more later. We took a Pirate Ship sunset cruise and saw a bunch of whales. The whales were awesome. We parasailed over a mom and her calf and they were coming up out of the water. When I took a picture of Chauntel and the pirate, I was doing something with the camera and he told me, "Take your time, Senor!" It was funny. Chauntel took the shot of the horses playing. We went horseback riding at this ranch that took us down to the beach. While we were riding, Chauntel's horse kicked mine right in the face! It was straight from the UFC! It was violent! It scared me to death. So I jumped off my horse and wrestled her horse to the ground and told it to not do it again. No I didn't. I'm sure Chauntel will post more later.


KendalL said...

Are you giving a thumbs up in that picture with your friend the "pirate". You wanted Jeremy to take as much time as possible taking the picture!