Friday, February 20, 2009

square dancing tradition

For Valentine's the last two years we have gone to the church for country square dancing:) It was more fun this year, because I was over the creepies of having to dance with other men. However, I kind of liked that part the most this time:) I wore my new cowgirl boots and got a blister (good fun)

I've been trying my hand at coupon clipping. I'll have to let you know if it's worth it and how I do. I've gone once and got razors for free (the good four blade kind:) It was a lot of fun and a little embarrassing.


Jillian said...

sexy hat!

Dusty and Amy said...

You guys look great!

Bailey said...

I want to see the boots! I love the hat. That would creep me out to dance with other guys.

Wendy said...

I am very interested in coupon clipping. I was determined to give it a go last summer. HA! There is a lot of great info on this blog (a friend of a friend)

Melissa said...

I would love to dance with any other guy but my husband, he can't dance. just kidding honey. :-) I love coupon clipping, I save at least $10.00 a week at the grocery. Sometimes I go without them and I feel lost. You need an organizer, that helps a lot. You can get them at Walmart for a couple of bucks and helps keep you sane if you get a bunch.
I've heard another good website is

Love you guys!!!


Melissa said...

By the way, I love that picture of you two! You look like you're having fun and you are such a cute couple.