Friday, April 29, 2011

art show

Awhile back Isaac had TWO art projects selected to be displayed at the misd building for a district art exhibit. We are so proud of him. He had one last year and we never got around to seeing them. I'm so glad we went. I noticed that having TWO chosen was kind of a big deal. Not everyone gets art displayed. and very few have TWO:)

Since our wii broke a few months ago (it's fixed, we just haven't set it up again) Isaac does A LOT of drawing and he's really really good at it. He loves drawing so much, he said he doesn't care if we set up the wii again. Which is kind of amazing for Isaac.

Since he's been on ADD meds he's a whole new wonderful kid, and student. It's been a wonderful blessing in our home and family to have him be so much more happy and less impulsive.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Preschool Graduation

Jackson graduated from preschool a few weeks ago. His teacher had a baby three days ago, so preschool had to end a few months early this year. He really enjoyed preschool. His teacher did an amazing job. He's pretty bored right now. But at least Dad is home a lot lately to entertain him a little.

Jackson's certificate said he was the "Friendliest, always a Friend to everyone" That sounds like my sweet boy alright.

Mighty Mustang

Isaac got the Mighty Mustang award this week:) He's really doing well in school. Actually he's doing well in all aspects of his life. It was fun to see him get acknowledged for all his hard work.

Look Mom NO training wheels

jackson was thinking he was pretty hot stuff the other day, so he asked me to take off his training wheels. we've only been out twice to try, but i'm sure he'll get it soon.