Saturday, January 30, 2010

I know it's been so long since I've posted. I love to add pictures to my post, but we haven't been taking any lately.

Jackson's in Sunbeams now. He said the cutest thing the other day. We we're getting dressed for bed on a Saturday night. I was trying to get him excited about church the following day. I was saying how exciting it was that he's a sunbeam now. Which he's been so excited about. Then I asked if he loves all sing during singing time. He said "I don't love singing in Sunbeams, they sing a different "Happy Birthday" song:( I don't know why I thought it was so adorable how upset he was that they don't sing "Happy Birthday" the way he knows how.

He used to be such a little singer around the house than for a while he was too embarrassed to sing. But he's been singing a lot again. Mostly "love story" and "you belong to me" I love it! He's voice is so sweet.

I signed Jackson up for Gymnastics finally. I kept threatening to but I finally bit the bullet and Tues. is his first day. I'm so excited to see how he does.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

family pictures

It'a always hard to get everyone together for photos, but we did it!!! I was to dark to go outside so we went to the library:)


I can't believe the holidays are over already and I can't believe it's 2010. I love Christmas, all the lights, music, food, and family. What can be better than all that. Besides it all being over finally. One of my most favorite things this holiday was going sledding with my kids. That was the one thing I really wanted to do with them while we were in Kennewick. It snowed about 2 inches one morning so we ran over to the golf course by my parents home and the kids loved it. I thought they'd all chicken out, but they were great (brave) We didn't bring snow gear. So, we layered on the clothing we did bring. My favorite was Jackson's borrowed boots and my borrowed snow pants. (Hot!)

Some of the other highlights of my holiday, were going out to lunch with all my sisters and going out with my friends from high school, Natallie and Angela. My mom even waited up til 2:30 for me to get home, some things never change:)

old pictures

I was going through all my old disc. and found one full of wedding pictures and one full of Makayla's baby pictures. It's so fun to look at old pictures you haven't seen for a while. Makayla is our only girl and seeing her old photos gets me all nostalgic or whatever it's called. I can't believe I'm done having babies and I didn't have another girls. She was the sweetest baby. What happened to all the sweetness, I think it's turned into 8 year old drama:)