Tuesday, September 30, 2008

me and my buddy

I have to say with school starting, my new calling, and Jeremy's new calling I feel like life is crazy one minute and too slow the next. Jackson and I are loving our time together. I love having him home with me all day by ourselves. I have him home for three years. I think we're going to be best buds, for the next couple of years. We go to the gym, we go shopping, we go to playgroup, and on bike rides. It's so wonderful. I guess that's what it would be like to just have one. Jackson is so sweet, however he is getting Isaac's little temper. He got put in time out at the gym two days in a row and has been hitting in nursery at church the last two weeks. When I try to give him the business he just smiles, hugs me, and says "sorry mom sorry". I don't know how to show him how serious I am. He so darn adorable.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Ahhh, the Bus Stop

The Bus Stop. It brings back a lot of memories. I can remember days at the bus stop with Jason down on Peach tree Ave. There was this tree that would shed some pine cone type things and we'd play baseball in the street until the bus would come. The greatest days were when the bus wouldn't show up for an hour or more. It was always great walking into school really late - OR EVEN BETTER was when there was a substitute bus driver that didn't know the route. This one time the sub. driver was counting on us to tell them where to go, and we took her to places we or her had never seen. We just kept saying, "Yeah, go left. Another left. Now go for like 10 minutes." It was great.
So Chauntel thought it would be so great if the kids would ride the bus that comes just down the street to school so she wouldn't have to take them anymore. Isaac was down with it from the get go. Chauntel took him the bus stop, he just hopped on without looking back. Kayla, no way. So after a few days of Isaac telling Kayla how cool it was riding the bus, she finally said she would. So the first few pictures are of us excited at the bus stop. Kayla was all smiles and excited too. Then the bus came. Isaac, the man of all men, just hopped on. Kayla clung to Chauntel like Uncle Mike to a grilled cheese. (Either Uncle Mike) So in an effort to not let this opportunity pass, I grabbed Kayla's little hand and gently persuaded her to get on the bus all the while she was pulling away telling me "NO! NO!". I got her on and she found Isaac and dove into his seat with him. The bus was full of kids and some were asking if this was her first time on the bus. I told them that it was and that everyone should say "Welcome Makayla" and in unison they all welcomed her. It was great. The joys of the bus will now be passed on to my kids. The days ahead of rude jokes, learning things that they never would have at home, hearing words that are only on the movies; wait a minute. I'll probably regret this day when at the dinner table I hear "Is #%!@ a bad word?" (Melissa)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Logsdon High (and low) lights

So Isaac's baseball season is in full swing. Since he was 1 1/2 all I've ever done is pitch to him to hit. He's never hit off a tee. Hitting he has down. He's hit some big ones already this season - 2 last game. In his league, the kids get 5 swings. The first 3 or 4 the coach pitches to them and then if they don't hit, they hit off a tee. What I've realized is that I haven't really gone over the rules of the game. Rules of basball, Isaac does not have down. As Isaac was running from 2nd to third base the other night, he began to run like a rabbit. A FREAKIN' RABBIT!! I couldn't believe it. So the big black dude coaching third base told him not to run like a rabbit when he ran home on the next hit. He didn't. HE RAN WITH HIS ARMS ABOVE HIS HEAD LIKE A MONSTER. It was the last out of the game. As the coach had the team together telling them what a good job they did, the 2nd picture is of me asking my kid why he felt as if running like a rabbit was appropriate at that time. I further told him how happy I was the the family's last name was not on the back of his shirt. My wife reminded me that she's also glad that I don't walk around with our last name on my shirts throughout the day as well.
This last game was ALOT better. 2 good hits (one was a sticker hit- coach awards the kids who hit one in the grass with a sticker to go on their helmet - Isaac has 2 now.) He also ran fast on the bases.
Jackson kicks it in his car seat like that all the time. I love it.
I think Makayla is the prettiest girl in the world in her "natural" moments. I love the wind blowing her hair and her just being her.
Jackson kicking it - highlight
Kayla being naturally pretty - highlight
Isaac running like a rabbit - lowlight

Friday, September 12, 2008

Our computer was out of commission for a week, so I guess I'm catching up.

We made our front formal dining room into a office. It will be so fun to decorate now that we have a plan.


I love watching Isaac play baseball. After his first game he said "THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN" He never said that about soccer. Jeremy and I are both a little partial to baseball given our background. He's on the Athletics. He has a game tonight!!!!

He first game we totally missed. We thought it was at 7, but it was really at 6. We got there when his team was in the parking lot. I felt so stupid. Isaac was totally bummed until he saw the playground.

Dancing at Libby Lu

I thought this was sooo cute. This is when I was over come with joy and thought I was going to cry and totally embarrass Makayla.

Happy Birthday Makayla

We took Makayla to Libby Lu for her Birthday. She had so much fun. I almost cry because it was so fun to watch. I think that would be such a fun job.

Monday, September 01, 2008


(another quote from a cartoon-Madagascar)

I'm so excited for my husband. Tomorrow morning is his first official day of his new calling. Jeremy is the new 5:45 a.m. seminary teacher! I couldn't be happier or more excited for him. I know it's going to be a challenge to get the kids awake, on time, and to pay attention. If anyone can do it, Jeremy's the man. He is a born entertainer, teacher, speaker, etc. From the first days of our marriage, I knew he was meant to teach the gospel. Especially to the youth. I've always been able to picture him as a seminary teacher, CES speaker, EFY speaker, or some sort of gospel motivator. I love him so much and know he will do so good. Now if only we both can get to bed early:)