Friday, September 12, 2008

Dancing at Libby Lu

I thought this was sooo cute. This is when I was over come with joy and thought I was going to cry and totally embarrass Makayla.


Anonymous said...

look's like Jeremy has been teaching Makayla some of his moves.
Go Makayla!

KendalL said...

this is just as cute as the movie of Kayla when she was little in Seattle for Bailey's wedding and we went to Pike Place Market and she was dancing for all the people!!! That girl loves to dance!!!

Dusty and Amy said...

Hey I never got to see that video, Kendall. I bet that was way cute.

Can I just say that I am the proud dance teacher that gave the girl her moves :-) (I gave her her first 30 min. dance lesson in the living room!)

Soooooooooo flippin cute. I loved it. I watched it a few times just smiling so big. She was having SO much fun!! I can see why you almost cried it's so adorable.

Melissa said...

OH MY GOSH, that was so adorable!!! You rocked it out Kayla girl!!!!! You go!!! It made me tear up watching it, I'm sure you had a hard time not crying. She was so into it!! I love it!!!!

Aunt Melissa