Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Logsdon High (and low) lights

So Isaac's baseball season is in full swing. Since he was 1 1/2 all I've ever done is pitch to him to hit. He's never hit off a tee. Hitting he has down. He's hit some big ones already this season - 2 last game. In his league, the kids get 5 swings. The first 3 or 4 the coach pitches to them and then if they don't hit, they hit off a tee. What I've realized is that I haven't really gone over the rules of the game. Rules of basball, Isaac does not have down. As Isaac was running from 2nd to third base the other night, he began to run like a rabbit. A FREAKIN' RABBIT!! I couldn't believe it. So the big black dude coaching third base told him not to run like a rabbit when he ran home on the next hit. He didn't. HE RAN WITH HIS ARMS ABOVE HIS HEAD LIKE A MONSTER. It was the last out of the game. As the coach had the team together telling them what a good job they did, the 2nd picture is of me asking my kid why he felt as if running like a rabbit was appropriate at that time. I further told him how happy I was the the family's last name was not on the back of his shirt. My wife reminded me that she's also glad that I don't walk around with our last name on my shirts throughout the day as well.
This last game was ALOT better. 2 good hits (one was a sticker hit- coach awards the kids who hit one in the grass with a sticker to go on their helmet - Isaac has 2 now.) He also ran fast on the bases.
Jackson kicks it in his car seat like that all the time. I love it.
I think Makayla is the prettiest girl in the world in her "natural" moments. I love the wind blowing her hair and her just being her.
Jackson kicking it - highlight
Kayla being naturally pretty - highlight
Isaac running like a rabbit - lowlight


Melinda said...

That was so funny about what you said to Jeremy about not wearing his last name on his shirts all day! I also love the fact that Issac decided to run like a rabbit, and a monster! So funny! Great post!

Dusty and Amy said...

That was the funniest thing I have ever read!! I WISH you would have been video taping. TOO FUNNY!

Ro's Lumpy Breast said...

Jeremy thank you so much for the very hard good laugh. I haven't had one of those in a while. I can so picture it in my mind running (hopping like a rabbit). Thank you! I to love what Chauntel had to say. I know I am glad Ryan doesn't wear his last name on his shirt. Love you guys and thanks Jeremy.

The Hunter Family said...

I love rabbits! And monsters! Was he playing for the world series?? Truthfully I get the frustration. In Caden's soccer games he would only play goalie because he got to play in the net as if it were spiderman's web! One time he got all tangled up real good and couldn't get out when the ball came down and luckily the ball rolled wide and missed the goal. I about freaked. It was in slow motion, I was frantically trying to untangle him while the ball was rolling perilously toward the goal. Anyway, great story, love it.

Anonymous said...

That is truely funny. That actually sounds fun to get twisted up in a soccer net and then to pounce on the ball as some kid thinks that he has an easy goal. You just have to work on his exit strategy. It's not that much of a surprise if Dad has to help him every time.