Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jackson was a hockey player for Halloween

I have so much fun making Jackson's costumes every year. He always chooses to be something that he's really into. He'll make his decision and never change his mind so I know I can put a lot of effort into his costume and he's not going to change his mind everyday.

I made his jersey out of one of Isaac's old shirts and some ribbon and felt I had around the house. I even had leftover iron on letters from an old project. Then I spray painted his bike helmet and ta da.


Makayla got glasses yesterday. I had no clue that she needed glasses. But she came home from school having failed the eye screening. She also has been moved to the front of the room so she can see the board, so she got tested Monday and her glasses came in on Saturday. She's so excited to have glasses. I assume the excitement will wear off as she breaks, and loses her glasses. but she looks so cute in them.

This picture is of Makayla after trunk or treat last night.