Saturday, September 16, 2006


we got a 2004 honda odyssey on friday. it is so beautiful. i'm afraid to drive it. it's so great to have a/c that's cold (now that summers coming to an end)

we found it on e-bay. it was in dallas. we drove up and back (5 hours each way, because of stops) it was through a dealer, so we traded in our volvo. it would have been too much of a hassel to sell it ourselves and have to drive it back to houston. it also had so many problems it would have been weird to sell it with all of it's problems.

the kids watch movies all the way home. they did ok on the trip. i hope they do that good when we drive to ky for Christmas.

after jeremy got off work today we went bowling with the kids. it was a lot of fun.

heres the pictures

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Makayla

Makayla had her birthday party on Saturday. It was going to be a pool party but it rained. I didn't have a back up so we went to the dollar movie theater to see Over the Hedge. Isaac threw up right outside the theater so he and Jeremy went home and we stayed for the movie. The whole day was a little unorganized but Makayla had a good time. Jeremy got her a CD player which she loves and takes with her from room to room. Sunday she played children's hymns around the house. It was so nice to have music playing.

She made and decorated her own cake, with a little help from mom. Isn't it cute?

The picture of Isaac is with his new lunch box. He takes it everywhere.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

First Day of School

makayla had her first day of school and her birthday on tuesday. it was a very exciting day. she loves school. yesterday she was in charge of bringing a treat for everyone and today was show and tell. she took a map of the U.S. to show everyone where washington, kentucky, and texas are. she was letting everyone know where her family is and where she's from. I think she may even show everyone where her daddy went on a mission. one of these pictures is of her first day. she's wearing a new outfit and backpack from grammy and a new lunch box from mommy. the other pics are of isaac. he fell asleep in jackson's crib (he's been doing that a few times lately). the other picture is of jackson getting into the dishwasher while i unload. he's into everything. right now he's under the computer, removing everything.