Thursday, September 07, 2006

First Day of School

makayla had her first day of school and her birthday on tuesday. it was a very exciting day. she loves school. yesterday she was in charge of bringing a treat for everyone and today was show and tell. she took a map of the U.S. to show everyone where washington, kentucky, and texas are. she was letting everyone know where her family is and where she's from. I think she may even show everyone where her daddy went on a mission. one of these pictures is of her first day. she's wearing a new outfit and backpack from grammy and a new lunch box from mommy. the other pics are of isaac. he fell asleep in jackson's crib (he's been doing that a few times lately). the other picture is of jackson getting into the dishwasher while i unload. he's into everything. right now he's under the computer, removing everything.


Anonymous said...

Makayla looks so much like a big girl! Love the back pack and new outfit!
So Isaac loves boundrys now? Maybe he just wants to be the baby:)
Jackson is a busy boy! Lucky Chauntel!

Dusty and Amy said...

Have you seen the newer version of Charley and the Chocolate Factory? Every time I see a picture of Isaac I think of the quote, "Look dad, it's a little person." It's when they first see the little midget oompaloompa's. Isaac acts SO grown up but he is just a little old thing. He is adorable.

Your little Jackson is getting so big. I think he is going to look a lot like Jeremy. His ears anyway! Is he trying to walk?

Well, Miss Makayla is growing up fast!! Make sure and tell her that I love her outfit and her backpack. Where did you get those shoes? Cute!! I don't know why but they make her look so grown up.

Give all of your little rugrats hugs and kisses for me. (Don't ask Makayla to do it, remember last time she got punched in the face!!!)

Love You ALL!!!!