Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Jackson got his first tooth on (maybe) monday. I didn't even know it was coming and then all the sudden (bam) there it was.

Last night we went to a meet your teacher open house at Makayla's school. It was so exciting to watch Makayla find her seat, cubby, and show her all around the classroom and school. It's a very small school so it didn't take long. After the open house, we went to dinner with the three last salesman that are still here. Today was their last day. It will be nice for the summer to be over and things to slow down alittle for Jeremy. It usually takes until Oct. for things to really slow down but it's still really nice when all the salesmen finially leave.

We were out til 10 though. The kids usually go to sleep at 7 but have really been staying out late lately. With school starting we'll really have to get back on schedule. Which means I have to get my sleepy head out of bed alittle earlier.


Dusty and Amy said...

WOW! First tooth already? He is growing up so fast. I hope I can see him soon!

Anonymous said...

Chauntel your family is beautiful!!
We arer so proud of you and Jeremy.
We like your new van too.
We love you,