Monday, August 14, 2006


Jackson said his first word tonight:) Jeremy always calls the boys bud or buddy bud bud. While I was feeding the baby sweet potatoes tonight, Jeremy was getting him to laugh and calling him buddy bud bud. So Jackson would laugh and then say b b b bud b b b bud and then laugh again. It was the cutest thing. We got it on video and tried to call family and get him to do it for them. That never works. We did get proof on video though.

He's crawling now but not very well. I gave him a buzz cut with clippers a few days ago and now I miss his spikey hair.

Jeremy played his first gig Friday night at a priest laurel activity with two other bishops in the stake. They all sing and play guitars. So they got together and practiced a few times. He got most of it on video for me and the kids to see. He did great and said it ranked up there with the top 10 things he's done in his life. I hope marrying me and having the kids rank somewhere up in the top 10 also.

Makayla starts ballet up again tomorrow. It's a lot of fun watching your kids be excited for something and do things without you and see them socialize without mom by their side. School starts on the 5th (her birthday!) Happy Birthday to her. I'm very nervous about getting her to school on time. It will be a great challenge.

The baby went 12 hours without eating. He seemed to get a great sleep while I on the other hand was partly wanting him to wake up and eat. He was making me nervous. If I could just get him to make up his mind and be consistent.

So my kids are the very worst kids in the whole ward. Isn't that how it is, the Bishop's kids are always the worst. I was pretty bad on Sunday in sacrament meeting. They love to run around the chapel and sit with different people and run from me and then I have to drag two kids out who are causeing a scene. It's the highlight of my week. Sacrament is worth the pain though. I get two hours in Sunday school and then young women's it's such a great break.