Thursday, April 24, 2008

Preschool science fair

Isaac's preschool had it's science fair this week. We couldn't think of anything until the morning of. Isaac said he wanted to take his frogs to school sooo Viola. He than changed his mind and wanted to take his super heroes for his science fair:)

Isaac and his super heroes and super villain

I found Isaac like this, when I went to wake him up. It so typical Isaac. He loves his super heroes and super villains. He also stays up til all hours of the night playing with them and reading books.

school carnival

Here are a few pictures of the kids at Makayla's school carnival. Jeremy and I both worked a shift at Makayla's class booth (the tattoo parlor) We all had a lot of fun.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kennewick Here I Come

So, family I bought my tickets today. I'm coming home for the wedding. I'm bring Makayla because I really want her to see Jillian get married in the temple. I think little girls need to see how beautiful temple weddings can be and hopefully understand how important they are. I'm also taking Jackson, because he can fly for free (sitting on my lap) Now I have to break it to Isaac that he's not coming. Hopefully we can sell it as a "fun boys only weekend."

Saturday, April 12, 2008

From Hurricanes to Tornadoes

When moving from Houston, I was very glad to be leaving behind hurricane season and all of it's destructive paths. Now we are in safe McKinney, where hurricanes will no longer threaten to destroy our home and expose my lack of emergency preparedness. Wrong. Tornadoes now threaten to expose my lack of emergency preparedness (which I'm now avidly working on.) This last two weeks we have hidden our family in our tornado safe bunker (I mean master closet) to be safe from looming weather. This last week we were woke up at 4am to the tornado sirens, wind, and rain. Makayla is so scared of storms she shakes violently and totally freaks. I feel so bad for my sweet girl.

Not much really happened. Part of our roof ripped off. Our insurance guy is coming out to look at it today. We're hoping he thinks we need a new roof:) Our stake president's yard has 10 of his 15 beautiful trees destoryed. So the strom did leave many with messes to clean up.

ShOuT oUt TO gRaNdMa ScHuLtZ

Jeremy and I would like to give a big thanks to Grandma Schultz for the Isaac's Christmas gift, the DVD "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

He has now learned the word "damn" and told Mom to get him a "damn drink of water" and informed his friend that "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" has the word "damn" in it and informed his friend that we don't use that word.

We will now be throwing away the DVD and I hope grandma understands that we still love her and will still accept her gift with open arms, whenever they come.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Haircut and color

Finally, my roots were getting so bad. I feel like such trailer trash when my hair is over due - which happens every time. I'm so bad at getting in often enough. It's so hard with little ones. I found someone who will come to my house and she's been doing hair for like 20 years so I'm in good hands. She's twice as much as Tara was but so worth it, to find someone who will come here and has so much experience.

Jeremy of course wishes my hair was longer and blonder. It's so hard to keep up with blonde blonde hair and it's nice to change up the do every once in a while.


Jackson was moving the chairs around to try and reach the Easter candy. When I finally put the candy on the fridge, he realized he wouldn't be able to reach it, he was so upset.

Easter dress! I let her pick it out this year

EaStEr At OuR hOuSe

We had a lot of fun this year for Easter. Nothing really big or complicated. Saturday, we went to the city hunt and the ward Easter egg hunt. Jackson I don't think could have cared less about trying to get an egg. He ran pass them all, but still had a good time. He must not have know there was candy in them.

The Easter bunny brought Isaac Ben 10 super heroes. He is so into super heroes (any kind) as all as the action figure stands up. He likes to gather all the super heroes and super villains in the whole house and set them up. He'll play with them for hours. It's real cute.

Makayla got a webkin. She loves Webkinz. She's pretty good about feeding them and putting them to bed.

Happy Easter Everyone.