Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Haircut and color

Finally, my roots were getting so bad. I feel like such trailer trash when my hair is over due - which happens every time. I'm so bad at getting in often enough. It's so hard with little ones. I found someone who will come to my house and she's been doing hair for like 20 years so I'm in good hands. She's twice as much as Tara was but so worth it, to find someone who will come here and has so much experience.

Jeremy of course wishes my hair was longer and blonder. It's so hard to keep up with blonde blonde hair and it's nice to change up the do every once in a while.


Bailey said...

I love your new hair. I love that you always find someone to come to your house to do your hair, So nice. I have to fly to Salt Lake everytime I want my hair done.

Ro's Lumpy Breast said...

Love the new hair cut and color. I really like it. That is so cool she will come to your house I have never heard of such a thing. I also like McKayla's easter dress. Did the boys get easter shirts and ties?

Anonymous said...

I love your new cut. I keep telling Mike that is how I want to get my hair cut. I have more reservations about it than he does. I always ask him before I go for a cut what I should do and he always say's "I don't care I like your hair anyway you fix it"
Is it hard to fix it with the new style?
The kids look like they had a nice easter.

natallie said...

i really like your hair with more brown in it...it makes your eyes stand out more/look more blue. my hair lady comes to my house too. her name is loreal. she stinks a little but she's real cheap! :)

Dusty and Amy said...

AAAAAHHHHH! You beat us all to it! Lissa, Charla and I all want to chop our hair but I think we are all scared! I really like it. I want to see a picture of the back completely. Is it right above the shoulders? I think that is the exact haircut that Melissa wants to get. I am still undecided about mine.

Love it!!

Niki Carter said...

Fun! I love your color! It looks natural! I love the length, that is fun! I'm doing mine tomorrow but I'm going darker. I'm scared!

Anonymous said...

Do you not remember the last time you cut your hair short? Remember when you cut it, and then cried for 4 months thinking that each tear would make your hair grow that much quicker. Do you not remember all the "It's OK, it'll grow back" comments that people told you? Do you not remember? Here's what each of you need to do. When you get the idea of doing something such as this again, go and get a cookie the size of your head. Get the biggest king size Snickers that there is, and then get a big gulp at 7 11. Then consume it all in one sitting. Then think about cutting your hair again. You will then find that it really wasn't that good of an idea after all and that the hair cut really wasn't what you wanted all along. It was just the cookie, candy bar and big gulp that you fancied. This theory works every time. Just be brave girls. Get the double chocolate cookie even if you want. It will all work out!
The loving husband,

P.S. My wife looks hot with her haircut.

Chauntel said...

My huband is extremly close minded when it comes to short hair. To put it bluntly he's rude and thinks he knows it all when it comes to cutting your hair. What he should of said was he cries for 4 months thinking it will make my hair grow. He thinks a cookie is the answer for every girl problem. Prabably because I've tried to use it as the solution to every problem, but what I've found is it only makes you feel fat and more upset.

P.S. He has to say I'm hot or else.

P.S.S. everytime I get my hair done, he responds with a "Oh, well it's not what I thought it would look like" or "it's not as blonde as I thought it would be" or "it will grow back right?" When I colored my hair brown, he didn't say anything and I didn't say anything. We just ignored it (that was my favorite)


He can have a say in my hair if I can have a say in what he wears to the gym:)

I love you honey!!! You're better than the best!!! But sometimes girls just want to have fun with their hair!!!

Anonymous said...

I second what Jeremy said. Amy, do you not remember that I almost had to knock out two Mexicans (and their thuggish boyfriend) at a hair place in Pasadena, TX? All because they took off 1 & 3/4 inches too much?

Your female tears are, drop for drop, more powerful than a 24 kt. cryptonite medallion around Superman's neck. Sooooo, I had no choice, amid your relentless wheeping and whaling, other than to go and fiercely, bravely demand that those ladies (in their own native tongue, mind you) refund us our $10, or else...

I became your hero that day, (sigh) but at a great cost...

I even had them fetch your precious locks from the dumpster to righteously and boldly call them out on their error and grave mistake (and they deceivingly tried to bring me an impostor!).

So, go do as I and Jeremy suggest. Eat about three burritos and open that bag of mini-Snickers...you will forget all about "locks of love" and all that other stuff. Trust me. Go towards the light.

Also, the church offers 12-step support groups for self-mutilation (and spousal abuse, I might add...).


Dusty and Amy said...
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Chris said...

Thanks for the laugh you guys! Chauntel, you look great!

love you!