Monday, June 28, 2010

I got all my sisters with me

Well, I had two sisters, one mom, and one dad with me this last week. It was so awesome to have Bailey come and visit with her sweet little boys and then a few days later have Kendall and her sweet boys come and visit with grandma. It was great that I got a day or two a lone with each sister and a day or two with them both here.

After everyone had left we were able to go out to eat with grandpa while he was here for work.

What an awesome week and of course it's always great to get back to normal. I got the house all cleaned up again and now it's a total wreck again. Such is my life during the summer.

Thanks for coming to see me everyone. I love you all and hope it was worth the crazy flights home.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Isaac got two water guns for his birthday. Jeremy and the kids took turns shooting each other. Jeremy is so good about playing with the kids.

Makayla and Jeremy had just gotten home from going swimming together. He took her out for some "one on one father daughter fun." While they were at the pool, they started a water fight with a group of young boys who were there. Jeremy said they boys were a little stunned by a old guy and makayla shooting water at them. But when they realized what was going on it started a big water war. Jeremy kept getting deserters from the other team, who wanted to join up with him and Kayla.

Happy 7th Birthday!

Wow, Isaac is 7! I can't believe I'm going to have a nine year old in a few month. Wow, my kiddos are growing up. Good thing Jackson will always be my baby.

We kept it real simple for Isaac's Birthday. He had a friend over and we all went to "Marmaduke" the movie and than came home and had cake and ice cream. Boy was it nice to keep it simple. I didn't stress at all.

Isaac loves getting gifts I almost think it's his love language:)

Monday, June 07, 2010

Wiffle Ball and Water Balloons

Memorial Day 2010

In the 3 o'clock sun and heat we played wiffle ball Logsdons vs. Montanos. I believe we ended on a tie. Which is good. After wiffle ball the Montanos got out water balloons and we tried to play a few games with the kids but all they wanted to do was throw them at each other so when our friends the Bowcuts joined us we had a little water balloon fight. Next year we'll have to plan something in the pool or just earlier in the day it was way too hot out. I didn't feel so good that night after all that heat.

The funniest thing was Isaac. When we tried to have a water balloon toss with the kids, there was a little confusion over what was going on because Isaac kept pegging his partner Ephraim in the face with his tosses or should I say his fast ball to the face twice in a row. I was laughing to hard to explain the rules of a water balloon TOSS.

Visiting Houston

Isaac got sick over memorial weekend so Kayla, Jackson, and I went to Houston without Jeremy and Isaac. It was a little nervous to go without him, but I'm so glad I did.

Some of the highlights were:

-Audery's baptism
-Rachel singing a solo at the baptism and for the prelude before sacrement (amazing)
-Sam Cardon (Niki's Dad) playing one of his songs for the musical number in sacrement (also amazing)
-watching the girls dancing at the pool
-watching Jackson and Adam play so well at the pool.

Preschool Graduation

I taught the last day of Preschool. It was a lot of fun. I made graduation caps and they sang some songs. I'm definitely glad I had this teaching experience this year. It was a lot of fun to teach Jackson and his friends (it was a co-op, so I taught every six weeks)

I hope Jackson behaved better for the other teachers. He has so much energy. It was hard to keep him interested in anything.