Monday, June 14, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Isaac got two water guns for his birthday. Jeremy and the kids took turns shooting each other. Jeremy is so good about playing with the kids.

Makayla and Jeremy had just gotten home from going swimming together. He took her out for some "one on one father daughter fun." While they were at the pool, they started a water fight with a group of young boys who were there. Jeremy said they boys were a little stunned by a old guy and makayla shooting water at them. But when they realized what was going on it started a big water war. Jeremy kept getting deserters from the other team, who wanted to join up with him and Kayla.


Anonymous said...

I'm always wearing my white shirt with nipples on it.

Niki Carter said...

Jeremy cracks me up! I got your comment and I tried to get Chauntel and Jackson in on the picture but I think that they were enjoying the AC in the van a little too much. Chauntel tried to tell me that she didn't see me motioning her to get in . . . yeah, I believe you;)