Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Guy

First of all, I would like to say that I am an avid people watcher. I always have been. I think that I always will be. I don't know when I first realized that people were funny. Really funny. The funniest things in life to me (as I chuckle) are the everyday real life experiences like the lady the other day that was texting and fell right into the fountain at the mall (youtube it). There is no movie line funnier to me than the day that Makayla said that Mom uses lots of toilet paper because she has a BIG bum. Not even anything in Tommy Boy. I think that people are funny, and I think that's why I just love to be around people so much.
The funny thing about people though, is that if you ask, they will always tell you of something that they don't like about them self. Something is too big, too little, sticks out too much, or someone has something somewhere that no one else does!? Most people always have something that they would love to change about them. I wouldn't mind if I were 4 or 5 inches taller. But, I'm not. There is also something about everyone that they love about them self. They may not tell you right away, but if you work on them a bit, they'll tell you. Sometimes that something is obvious. Take my wife for instance. Today, as she was leaving for church, she made my heart stutter by how great she looked. I count myself lucky how I get to make out with the Assistant Nursery leader at church frequently. Actually, a lot.

I'm here to confess something about myself that I am most proud of.

As I have aged a bit, slowly I have noticed my body make some subtle changes. I've noticed that I can't jet by guys on the basketball court with ease as I use to. That's OK, because I have become more proficient with my 3 point shot. I've noticed that sometimes even a glass of water can give me gas. I don't know how, but it just can. But also, that's OK because I have kids now that sometimes think it's funny. But another thing about me that I've noticed that happens to most men is the receding hairline. This was a bit concerning to me because there really is no redeeming quality that I could find . . . until recently. It seems that with all the recedingness that that has occurred, that there was one little guy, right where my hairline use to be that has refused to accept defeat. There he is, where all of his buddies have long gave up the ghost previously, refusing to lose. I love that guy.
I see him in the mirror in the mornings and I tell him to hang in there and how proud I am of him. I admire his courage and it inspires me throughout the day. I think of his determination to defy natural law, and make his will the rule of the day. Everyday. He is who I want to be each day.
There is one thing that I have noticed about people though. It's that if there is something obvious that is great about someone, there is always someone else who can't accept that you may have a better___ than them, and they will want to tear you down. I think it's human nature. It's sad, but it happens.
The other night as I cuddled up to my Assistant Nursery leader at church while watching a movie, all of a sudden I felt what seemed like a quick pin prick on my forehead. It all happened so fast, and before I could react or do anything about it, "my guy" was plucked right out of my head! How could she do this? He has been such a survivor! Why was she so jealous of "my guy". Where to find the drive to be great tomorrow? The determination?
I know "my guy". He'll be back. This is just a minor set back, and when he does come back, it will only feed the fire to show the world how great he is; which, in turn, will only make me better.
I can't wait. This is going to be so good.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kendall and the boys

Thanks for coming to see us this last weekend. We don't get to see family nearly enough. We all loved it. They boys were so good and fun to be with. You're a great mom. The kids were pretty sad when they got home and you all were gone. I guess Makayla didn't realized you were leaving.

There's nothing else to exciting happening here. I just took Jackson to the doctors. He has the flu and a sinus infection:( Poor guys had a fever since Monday. I hope the twins don't get it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

tooth fairy

Isaac lost his first tooth and few weeks ago and then he lost his second a few weeks after that and now he has another loose tooth. I was so worried because he hadn't lost a tooth yet and now I'm a little worried that there's not enough room for his new BIG adult teeth to come in. If you know me I love teeth. I love watching their teeth come in as babies, I love wiggling their loose teeth, watching them fall out and watching new ones come in. But most of all I've loved watching Makayla go through expander's. I'm so excited for her to get braces. I'm so fascinated by the whole process. It drives my kids crazy. But I can't help myself. If I had been a guy I swear I would have become an orthodontist. I would have loved it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

sNoW dAyS!!!!

School was cancelled on Monday because of all the snow we got on Sunday. The kids loved playing outside in the snow. The only problem is our lack of snow clothes. They get so cold and wet and don't last very long. Hopefully it will snow again so we can go sledding. I really don't enjoy the cold weather, but I remember loving snow as a kids and loving snow days. So I only love it for the kids.


Saturday was Isaac's first basketball game. It was a lot of fun to watch. It brought back so many memories. He was so lost. I mean sooo lost, but so was the rest of his team. They quit keeping score because we were losing by so much. The last minute of the game the other team didn't guard us so we'd have a chance to score. The end score was literally something like 2 - 58. Not joking, the other team was amazing. They were making jump shots, three points. They looked unbelievable. Supposedly they're the best team in the league so hopefully it can't get any worse and we can only get better. Isaac is a natural athlete so he'll catch on quickly.

I was so proud of him for trying so hard and doing some really great things, during his first game. He's had two team practices and Jeremy's taken him to the gym a few time to practice.

Thursday, January 06, 2011


I forgot to mention that I had a great birthday while I was in Kentucky. My husband is amazing and suprised me with a new lens for my camera. I'm so excited for basketball and soccer season to start, so I can try it out. Amazing gift thank you Jeremy. I got jewelry from the kids, and beautiful watch (that I love) from Starr, and a retro, air popcorn popper from my mom. What a great 32nd Birthday.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I couldn't resist adding a few more family photos. I loved being with everyone so much. I feel so bless to have the best in-laws. Some of the high lights were of course, heading to Mr. Gatti's and bugging Uncle Mike at work. Mr. Gatti's is always at the top of our fun list when we go home, bungee jumping at the mall has become another favorite. I can't remember if we've done this the last three times or two times, but the kids love it. I would say Jeremy's favorite had to have been paint balling with Uncle NuNu and Uncle Jason. My favorite had to have been getting sicker than I've ever been in my whole life:) Just kidding my favorite was going to Cato's with Jeremy and the kids:)

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Kentucky Fried Christmas

Here's the whole Logsdon Family. I can't believe we had everyone there.

Thank you Grammy and Poppy for letting us visit for so long. We had so much fun. We'll give you a good 6 months to rest before we expect you to perform again:)

I loved seeing all the cousins play together and seeing the cute little babies. The family's growing so fast.