Thursday, February 23, 2012

My camera is broken and so it is not as much fun to blog:(

Jackson's 6th Birthday

It's been 13 days since his birthday. Man, am I slacking in the blogging. We had so much fun (even though most of us were sick) We had Kendall, Ryan, and the boys visiting. So that was a special treat on his birthday. We were supposed to go to a hockey game that night but we were all too tired to go.

Jackson got all the gear he will need to play hockey this summer season. There is A LOT of gear needed for hockey. Which I guess is a good thing, so he's protected against the ice, swinging sticks, and flying pucks. Jackson informed me he doesn't want to loose his teeth like a hockey player:) I agree with him. Keeping all his teeth would be a very good thing to shoot for. His favorite, by far, were the hockey glove. He is most excited about throwing them down on the ice and then having a hockey fight:)