Monday, June 07, 2010

Wiffle Ball and Water Balloons

Memorial Day 2010

In the 3 o'clock sun and heat we played wiffle ball Logsdons vs. Montanos. I believe we ended on a tie. Which is good. After wiffle ball the Montanos got out water balloons and we tried to play a few games with the kids but all they wanted to do was throw them at each other so when our friends the Bowcuts joined us we had a little water balloon fight. Next year we'll have to plan something in the pool or just earlier in the day it was way too hot out. I didn't feel so good that night after all that heat.

The funniest thing was Isaac. When we tried to have a water balloon toss with the kids, there was a little confusion over what was going on because Isaac kept pegging his partner Ephraim in the face with his tosses or should I say his fast ball to the face twice in a row. I was laughing to hard to explain the rules of a water balloon TOSS.