Tuesday, April 01, 2008

EaStEr At OuR hOuSe

We had a lot of fun this year for Easter. Nothing really big or complicated. Saturday, we went to the city hunt and the ward Easter egg hunt. Jackson I don't think could have cared less about trying to get an egg. He ran pass them all, but still had a good time. He must not have know there was candy in them.

The Easter bunny brought Isaac Ben 10 super heroes. He is so into super heroes (any kind) as all as the action figure stands up. He likes to gather all the super heroes and super villains in the whole house and set them up. He'll play with them for hours. It's real cute.

Makayla got a webkin. She loves Webkinz. She's pretty good about feeding them and putting them to bed.

Happy Easter Everyone.


Anonymous said...

jackson I know just how you feel! I wanted more Easter candy too.
Makayla I love your white Easter dress. It reminds me of baptisms. One in a half years left till the big day.
Issac will you be a super hero for all the girls? Keep those villians away! Love you all, Grandma Schultz

Bailey said...

Ahh the plastic golf set Kooper has gone through two sets and we will need to get a new set this summer. Your kids scored for Easter.

Dusty and Amy said...

Wow. You guys did score this Easter!