Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Makayla

Makayla had her birthday party on Saturday. It was going to be a pool party but it rained. I didn't have a back up so we went to the dollar movie theater to see Over the Hedge. Isaac threw up right outside the theater so he and Jeremy went home and we stayed for the movie. The whole day was a little unorganized but Makayla had a good time. Jeremy got her a CD player which she loves and takes with her from room to room. Sunday she played children's hymns around the house. It was so nice to have music playing.

She made and decorated her own cake, with a little help from mom. Isn't it cute?

The picture of Isaac is with his new lunch box. He takes it everywhere.


Dusty and Amy said...

Hey Chauntel, the pics didn't come through....

I bet Isaac thinks he is a big boy with a lunch box just like his sissy that goes to school. How is he doing with Makayla being gone?

Is Jackson coming along OK. I am sure he is. He has two big syblings to teach him EVERYTHING!

Rochelle said...

Where's the pictures? We like pictures mom. Please tell McKayla happy birthday from us. We were going to call. But you know with Cole's and Ryan's b-days so close it gets busy. We thought about it a couple of times. But not all the kids were home or it was to late or to early. We love her though and thought about her.

Anonymous said...

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