Saturday, September 16, 2006

heres the pictures


Rochelle said...

Thanks for the pictures love them. Hey is it getting cool there I notice Jackson is in pants and long sleves? So is McKayla in to wearing dresses? I notice is has one on. Kamden is wear skirts pretty much everyday. Once in a while I can get her to wear shorts or pants. Love the cake that was such a cute idea. I have quite the cakes. They are to cheap at costco and to good. That was a big part of the birthday but I found it cost more to make the cake than to buy one. I do like to make them it is fun. Anyway McKayla did a nice job helping with her cake it is so cute. Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

What a cute idea for Makaylas cake! You did a great job, Both of you! Love it! Mom

Dusty and Amy said...

Jackson is such a cutie!

Hey Makayla, what was in that big Sponge Bob bag?

Hey Chauntel, I guess that is the lunch box that Isaac tugs along everywehre? Shark Tales huh? I haven't seen that one.

Oh yeah, I LOVE THE CAKE. Is that graham crackers for the sand?

Angela S said...

The cake is beautiful and I love the new van! It looks like it has everything, way to go!