Friday, June 15, 2007


We need to take more pictures. We lost our camera for a week or so, but found it again the other day. A quick update of what's been goin' on the last few days. Mom came into the living room the other day wondering what was going on with Isaac's underwear. Although he is a Logsdon, she knew that even this was a little much down there. He was playing that fun game that we all play from time to time, "How many ______ can you fit in your underwear". That day's lucky winner was our mini-oranges (or whatever they're called) that were on the kitchen counter. And if you guessed 8, then you're the winner. He had a few extras to spare that I'm sure would've found their way in sooner or later. We didn't want to eat them afterwards, so we put them in a care package and gave them to the missionaries that Sunday. Just kidding.

Isaac had a birthday on Monday. He was so excited all day. We had a family party for him Monday night and had him pick his birthday dinner: pancakes, bacon, and he wanted cereal also, but we called it good with the pancakes and bacon. We got him a soccer goal and mini-football and I also got him some red, white, and blue head and wrist bands that look way 70's and way cool. We'll post a pic of that real soon I'm sure.

Makayla and Isaac got really sick this week. Kayla had scarlet fever (strep-throat with rash) and Isaac had Pink-eye in both eyes. We got them into the doctor and now they're feeling a lot better.

Jackson is officially part monkey. That kid is really amazing with how much energy he has lately and how much he doesn't want to listen to what you want him to do; all the while smiling at you. The later it gets in the evening, the wilder he is. All you have to do is lay him down though and he's out. His thing is to push a chair where he wants it, then climb up on the table, kitchen counter, or whatever he can. His favorite is the table. He'll climb up on it about 32 times a day. It's really funny how rough him and Isaac are with each other now. Jackson dishes it and takes it now. They are officially brothers.


Dusty and Amy said...

All I can say is I MISS THOSE KIDS!! Hey Chauntel, at least he chose oranges and not something else harder to get out!

Angela S said...

Oh forget the abriviation... I'm litterally rolling on the floor laughing. Even after reading this in my google reader. Even after looking at it on your blog. Even after reading your entry. And as I started writing this and if I look and think about it again I'll start laughing out loud and risk waking up my family. This is the greatest thing ever! This rocks. I'd never heard of the how many can you fit in your underwear game and yeah...this is great. I hope you laughed as much I am!

Anonymous said...

Which Logsdon, because Mike is the only one that has big oranges. The others are more like peas.