Monday, August 13, 2007


I can't believe summer's coming to an end. Makayla's first day of school is August 27th. Isaac starts on Sept. 5. I hope I can keep up with all the dropping off, picking up and nap time schedules. I think the only school clothes I'm going to buy is shoes. I think the kids will be fine till it starts getting cold. I do need to go school supply shopping. How fun. I guess all this stuff is fun because it's my first.

I don't think I posted how Jackson's 18 month check up went. He wieghs 19 pds 9 oz. which I thought he'd weigh more, but at least he wieghed more than before. That puts him at the 0% for height, wieght, and head. What a bummer. His doctor totally stresses me out though. She wants him to go to the G.I. specialist again, have blood work done, see a cranial facial specialist (because his head isn't growing), see a speech theapist because he's not talking, and take antibiotics because of fluid in his ears. The list goes on and on about genetic disorders, allergy tests, and diseases I've never heard of; and the whole time the kids were acting like they were little monkeys climbing on everything and pretending like they couldn't hear me when I was talking (sternly). I was so stressed out I was unable to function the whole rest of the day. I came to two conclusions 1. something is wrong with the baby and my doctor is totally on top of taking care of him. 2. She's a total basket case and freaks everyone out that comes in to visit her and the baby just needs to recover after the 8 rounds of antibiotics he's had in the last 9 months and his hearing and speech just need some time after he gets tubes to get used to hearing everything. Personally, I think she's a basket case and I need to find a new doctor who is more laid back and doesn't stress me out so much. I don't think I'm in denial. I'm just not a freak when in comes to getting sick, giving medicine, and going to the doctor for every little scrape and runny nose.

I'm venting. That's what blogs are for, right?

I think Jeremy is so ready for summer to be over and focus on his branch and not the woes of salesmen. Hopefully he can figure out how to keep all of his customers and have a great 2nd summer. He's been spraying everyday for at least the last month. He'll probably spray every other day after the salesmen leave. He's working really hard for this branch to be successful. I'm really proud of him, for how he's dealt with things and worked so hard. I love you Jeremy.


Angela S said...

If there is anything I've learned over the last few years its to switch doctors if yours is driving you nuts. Whether its because they are good but seem to pound or don't mesh well with you or because they are a jerk-off, jack-ace, arogant doctor or well also if they just aren't any good at what they do. So ask for a recommendation, even from her, for another doctor that she respects. If she asks why, you can tell her you that you think she is on track but you want to get a second opinion. Good luck!