Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cinderella's Ball

Makayla and Isaac are so cute. Today Makayla dressed up as Cinderella and Isaac dressed up as the Prince. He had me help him. He wore his suit, church socks and shoes, White shirt, and tie. Then they went down stairs, turned on some music, and danced hand in hand as if they were at Cinderella's Ball. Of course our camera is broken, so I use my film camera. I'll let you see the pictures in about 6 months:)

The pictures are from when grammy and poppy were here. Isaac, now has a new suit. Watch out girls he's smok'n. It's almost exactly the same but it isn't missing any of its buttons. I got it on line. It's the same brand as his old one (one size bigger of course)
Makayla met her new teacher tonight. She seem very nice. I'm so excited for school to start. We had a practice run this morning. We got there on time, but there was no traffic and I found out today school starts 15 minutes earlier than I thought.


Dusty and Amy said...

That is the cutes thing I have EVER seen! I can't wait to see more pictures.