Friday, August 17, 2007


So it's been summer time, not a whole lot of occasions to wear nice stuff except for Sundays. (which Isaac will only wear his suit to church because it's cool)(sweater vest are not cool and everyone will laugh at him, or so he thinks) So everyday he wears basketball shorts and a tank top of some sort. No biggy because it's summer time. Occasional I've tried to get him to wear nice shorts and a polo and he has strongly declined.

Last night we went out to eat and Jeremy put Isaac in nice cargo short. I have never seen such a test of wills. He was convinced that it wasn't cool to wear cargo shorts and that everyone at the restaurant was going to laugh at him.

The other day I bought him two pair of cute cargo shorts and while we were checking out he informed dad that he HATED those shorts. Then today I was buying them school shoes and Isaac informed me that the spider man lite up shoes made him run faster and everyone at the gym would think he was cool if he wore them. Somehow I convince him to let me buy them somewhere else where I knew they would be half as much.


Rochelle said...

I think this is so funny about Isaac. Carter wont wear anything but boating shorts. He thinks if he has them on he will get to go boating or swimming. Cole wont wear thongs in the summer it is tennis shoes all year long. Kids can be so funny about cothes. They are to independent to soon.