Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School

all the kids in their backpacks ready to head to the car

Jackson heading into his kindergarten class without mom

Mom spying on Jackson while he found his seat and got settled in;-)

Wow, if only our morning routine can go this smoothly the rest of the school year.  I really hounded the kids about the importance of having their own lunches, snacks, and backpacks pack the night before and having their clothes set out.  That way big old pregnant mom won't have to do everything and get upset in the morning.  Also with a new baby coming in two months they'll have to do everything themselves. I hope we can keep up the good routine all school year.

So I teared up a little and I'm sitting here wondering how Jackson is doing on his first day of Kinder.  I'm sure he's doing great and loving it.  He has an amazing teacher.  But it's so hard not to worry, because he's my baby.


Jillian said...

Yeah for back to school. That is so exciting, Jackson starting school! Good luck for the school year!