Friday, March 02, 2007

No Camera

So these are old pictures that I never blogged. In the last two weeks we've moved, unpacked, removed paperboarders in three rooms, painted three rooms, had our roof blown off and than repaired, had our contractor for our kitchen not show three times, two kids throwing up and had one trip to the urgent care center. (Isaac split his head open at target. I was with the three kids by myself. The ambulance came and it was crazy)

So it been a little crazy and mostly because of our lack of routine. It's kind of hard on the kids to not have a routine but if they are watching T.V. all day I through them out back to play on our swing that has no swing on it and is pretty old. I deserve the mother of the year award for how much t.v. they've been watching for the last two weeks. j/k

We are so excited to finish painting and changing things around. Our new countertops and backsplash should be installed next week if our joker contractor shows. I'm so excited about my new kitchen. I decided on laminate smoky topaz counter tops (black) and white waynes coating for our backsplash. We're keeping the floors the way they are till next year and the cabinet are staying the color they are. I seriously considered painting them white but I'm so sick of painting and having a messy house that I think I'm going to love them the way that they are.


Angela S said...

Nice, life sounds like a blast this week. Don't you love people that are lazy and without ethics? Don't you love that kids seem to do the worst possible thing at just the inopportune moment? Yeah and moving, etc sucks. You're doing great, the tv will eventually not be the primary source of child care and you'll get that routine put together. Just keep at it, you're awesome!

Dusty and Amy said...

Chauntel, you really do deserve the Mother of the Year award, but not for TV watching. I don't know how you do it! You ARE Amazing!! Keep it up and before you know it, it will be (mostly:) over and things will start to feel "normal" again!!