Monday, February 19, 2007

First steps

So Jackson is standing up by him self and is taking about four steps. It's a lot of fun, watching my baby grow and learn new things.

He's been sick the last few days. It's the same, as about a month ago. He's throwing up and has diarrhea, but he doesn't have a fever and no one else has gotten sick. The only thing that happened both times, is that he was drinking cows milk for few days both times. He's only had cows milk a few times and every time he throws up but not right away. It's actually takes a day or two after. So it could just be a coincidence and he could just be sick or he's allergic to milk or maybe even allergic to something else.

If you have any ideas let me know.

Our camera broke for the second time and I threw it away. They charged me 150 last time to fix it for a little bit more I can get a new one. I wish I could post pictures of our huge mess of a house.

Our new ward seems great. In Jr. Primary there were about 50 kids so it's a little different than our last ward.


Rochelle said...

I am so glad they're more kids in primary that will be good for the kids. Sorry to here about the mess. I really hate moving. It seems to take so long to get everything unpacked when you have little ones. So Jackson is sick. We have had sick kids off and on all month, month and a half. I would go awhile with out feeding Jackson cow's milk then feed him some for a day or two and then wait. If he does it again you will know for sure. I hope your unpacking and new house goes well. When does Jeremy start the new bussiness? Has he found a place for it? Has he found some kids for both locations in april? How about secretaries?

Angela S said...

We are in the opposite situation with wards, going from HUGE to super small, three nurseries to one with only 5 kids. Its kinda crazy. Anyway, I would look up naturopaths in the phone book. It will cost you about $30 but they can muscle test him to see what he's having reactions to. We've been going to one for years and it has helped hugly. Anyway good luck with unpacking!