Tuesday, February 06, 2007


We have a buyer for our duplex. We don't close until March 15th so hopefully it doesn't fall through.

I bought a piano last night!!!!! I'm so excited to put it into my new house. It was $250 (used and older)

Jackson is a standing fool, but won't take a step. Last night he was standing, clapping, and dancing to Jeremy playing the guitar. He's been such a big eater. He starts clapping when we go to feed him. He loves pizza, spaghetti, and cut up peas and carrots. He's also started pointing a whining for things he wants.

Isaac hates primary and won't go. He also hates the gym and freaks out. So we don't know if he's scared in social situations or if maybe he just needs more kids his age. The gym is all younger kids and primary only has two other Jr. Primary kids. One of which is his sister and the other is autistic. So hopefully our new ward will have a lot of kids his age. We bought him a suit. He wanted to be like daddy. It looks cute on him. I bought it used for $15

Makayla is doing great. She has a little crush at school or so her teacher and music teacher said. She is such a good girl. I'm so glad she's so easy because Isaac takes so much energy.


Bailey said...

I am so glad you found a buyer for your duplex. Isaac looks so adorable in his suit. I'm glad my kid is not the only one who learned to walk later. Congrats on the new piano, that is so fun.

Rochelle said...

So where did you find the panio? I am also very gald you have sold the duplex. So when do you guys move isn't it next week? When do you guys close on your house. Love the suit. Cole begged and begged and we said when you turn eight. So we got him one when he turned eight and he has worn it 3 times since Septemeber. So buy when they are yonger and hopfully when they are older they will like them. Where is McKayla in her picture. Is she loving preschool? I really hope for everyone sake your ward has a bigger primary. That is so sad. Kamden's CTR 5 has 29 kids not all active but about 12 in each of the two classes are active. It is Cole who has no one. Well 8 girls and no boys. Does that sound fimilar Chauntel.

Dusty and Amy said...

Go you and getting those deals!! I want a piano so bad. I love the suit too!

I am so happy that things are working out so well for you guys! You sure do deserve it.