Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mexico or the real world?

If I can get my pictures posted it would be a lot more fun to post. Jeremy and I have been home for a week now. I'm wishing I was back in Mexico. Our kids are so bad lately. I've been embarrassed lately whenever I'm out with them. (more than usual anyways)
Mexico was wonderful. Jeremy and I have only been away without the kids (over night) maybe once or twice in the last five and a half years. So 5 day and 4 nights at an all inclusive resort was absolutely amazing. The whole resort was great. I got my first Pedi and went snorkeling for the first time. We loved snorkeling so much we went twice. We loved being able to hang out with everyone that Jeremy works with they're great. especially Niki and James. We miss them and we've seen more of them since we've moved than were there for a while.
Thank you again to grammy poppy and aunt linda. They were wonderful with our sick (throwing up kids) Jackson still won't say hi to us like he did all week with them. The kids are always informing me that they were good for grammy because she's nicer than I am.


Anonymous said...


Please buy some new shirts.


Anonymous said...

You're just jealous he can fit into the same shirts still.