Sunday, April 01, 2007

Dallas Temple Trip

Here are some pictures we took while at the Temple last month. We had never been to see the Dallas Temple, so it was fun for us and the kids to see it. It was also very cold, so our trip was pretty short. One trip around it, a few pictures, then on to our friends house, the Bells, for dinner.
You can see in one of the pictures evidence of Isaac's fall at Target. Chauntel was with the kids while I was at home working and he hit his head on the cart. They sent for an ambulance, friendly shoppers were helping watch Jackson and Kayla, and we ended up taking him to an urgent care place to glue him back together.


Anonymous said...

Jackson looks so big! I want to come and see you guys soooooo bad!!! Kayla looks like an angel.

Anonymous said...

Chauntel, this is Trinity. I was just given your site from Jaimie. It is so great to see pictures of you and your family. You have such a beautiful family!

I've been wondering about you lately. How things are going and so on.

I saw your mom two summers ago at the movies. At that time she told me you had a Makayla. I thought that was so funny. We both married Jeramys (I know yours spells it Jeremy) and we both have Makalas (Yep, again mine is spelled differently).

I'm busy with life but nothing special is going on. Just enjoying the kids and keeping busy.

Write me if you get a chance sometime. My email is

Again, it was nice reading about your family and seeing the adorable pictures.