Friday, April 20, 2007

fried motherboard again

Our computer fried again. We have the worst luck with computers. Our kids haven't even been on it very much lately. I'm on Jeremy's laptop. His computer doesn't have new pictures on it.

We're all doing great. Jackson has two more doses of medicine today and then he's done. I can't tell if he's getting bigger or not.

Makayla is loving her new school and primary. I love that she loves to be there and has adjusted so well. She's getting really good at her lower cases letters and at sounding out words.

Isaac still is having a hard time at church. He doesn't want to stay in singing time and sharing time, but he enjoys class. We've been going to playgroups and he's meeting new friends and does pretty good playing with other kids. I thought having friends from his sunbeam class would help him at church, but now he wants to play and wrestle with them during singing time. He is definitely my hard child to figure out.

Jeremy is getting closer and closer to having salesmen here. I think he has 1 1/2 weeks til they get here (all 13 or 14 of them) I think he's going to be busier than he thinks. As long as he can keep enough techs trained and ready to go, it will be better than his first summer in Houston.

Our kitchen is still riped apart. We may have found someone to fix it. We're just waiting for him to give us a quote. I can't wait to have a pretty kitchen.


Anonymous said...


If you want to ship your pc here I can look at it. Motherboards don't fry that often bro!!!