Wednesday, March 14, 2007

finialy pictures but not a kitchen

So we bought a camera but our kitchen is not done yet. It was demoed last Tuesday and its now Wednesday. So it's been over a week. We're getting so stress out without having our kitchen usable. We are getting so sick of eating out and are so ready for a clean house, without strangers walking around, and a healthy home cooked meal. I think it will take two more days at least for him to finish, but we'll be gone tomorrow, and Friday. He doesn't work on Saturdays and we don't work on Sundays so Monday and Tuesday are it because I leave for CANCUN MEXICO ON WED.!!!! With all the stress of the surgery, moving, and remolding I'm really looking forward to a few days without kids.


Angela S said...

It looks nice and you made good color choices. Sorry your having to deal with stupid people issues!

Dusty and Amy said...

I am SO GLAD you guys get a break!! Too bad for grammy and poppy!

Suuuuccccckkkkkeeeeeerrrrssss :)